National Emergency

    And the Mexicans are gonna pay for it


    National Emergency. Let that soak in. What is a national emergency? Well, an F5 tornado in Alabama. That’s a national emergency. How about a 7.0 earthquake in California. A tariff on Tequila. HEY! That’s a national emergency in Texas. C’mon now!

    To throw national emergencies around like candy sets a precedent that can grow out of proportion. You see, that’s how government works. Like Rome, back in the day. Caesar got into power. Rome had been sliding for a while. No free pizza, wine running low, prostitutes getting old and ugly. So Julius looks around and tells the Roman Senate that a national emergency was at hand. Now, never mind that he, himself had tore it all up wading across the Rubicon, forget that! If they would just declare him Emperor for a short while, he’d Make Rome Great Again. Well, before it was all over they had to kill him to shut him up.

    Yet, they just couldn’t get that word “emperor” out of their mouths. So, although Caesar was gone, his precedent lived on. For almost five HUNDRED years until they changed the title to “Pope” who presides over whatEVER the Catholic Church considers itself today, don’t get me started!

    If Trump’s edict that Mexicans are a national emergency makes the cut it will set the stage to lend a huge go-around in our government. Now, I don’t like democrats as much as the next racist redneck, although I do like Cortez, but that’s just because I’m a dirty old man, but this goes beyond red baseball caps, ok? This concerns to delegation of power. Did you ever notice how suddenly the government is doing something that is completely unconstitutional, and has been doing it for quite some time while people keep asking, “How’d this ever happen?” That’s because they got away with it the FIRST time! Like marriage licenses. Buying a wife! How Islamic is THAT? The first time a dollar was paid to go to Church and get married we no longer had freedom of religion or separation of church and state. And to show you how stupid the LBGTQ is, they moved heaven and earth to invite the government into THEIR bedroom, complete with a divorce package. Hey! Why should THEY be happy, right?

    Just like taxes. California just taxed cow farts. An entire state living under a marijuana haze concerning itself with cattle passing gas! By the way, that’s why I’m so attracted to Cortez. She’s pretty AND stupid. I’m a misogynist too! Let’s see. So far in this article I’ve admitted that I’m a racist, a dirty old man, and a misogynist. I’m battling a thousand today, and it’s only Monday. Save your fork. Week’s just getting STARTED!

    How far can it go? Ok. In two to four years a Democrat President does a speech. Gonna go something like this. (Imagine Donald Trump’s voice when you read this.)

    “For quite some time a condition has existed in our great country. A condition that has endangered millions of people. People like these wonderful mothers seated behind me. Please, stand up. Show everyone the pictures of your beautiful children, taken at such a young age. I’ve asked Congress for the money to put a stop to this, and, as you know, although Congress approved it, the senate has adamantly refused to confirm the will of you, the American people! Now, I really don’t have to do this. I can find the money elsewhere, but in the interest of expediency, and the safety of our wonderful country, I am declaring today a national emergency. I’m signing an executive order outlawing all guns weighing over six ounces. This will ensure the safety of the American people. Not only that, but the resources required for the manufacture of such weapons can be redirected to more productive things. Such as filters for gassy cows, or more equipment for our wonderful police to protect you. These weapons may be turned over to police, where the owners will be compensated with iTune Cards. This blending of big business and the people is so American, so American. And I promise you, that new, and better prisons will be built to contain anyone who stands against me, or Speaker of the House, Cortez, and the Mexicans . . . the Mexicans are gonna pay for it!

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