Flash Bang!

    Last Call


    Flash bang usually refers to a type of explosive device that police throw into a HomeBoy’s crib right before they ram the door and shoot all his kids. But, there’s another type of flash bang, and it’s political. It seems one went off in Washington yesterday. Deputy Speaker of the House, Occasional-Cortez was the recipient thereof.

    Now, please understand, I’m all for some kid making good, ok? Twenty-nine year old bartender from The Bronx. Kinda reminds you of Lavern and Shirley, doesn’t it? Didn’t they work in a brewery? Beat some ten-term incumbent. Ain’t that America? Waving and smiling. Then somebody had to go and turn on the microphone! Flash bang!

    First off, it appears that Cortez didn’t exactly win the election from the votes of the homeless down in the Bronx. Kinda had some fat cat supporter who gave her so much money that a million or so got shuffled around like the Democrats are always trying to pin on Trump. Now I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but we have a sayin’ down here in Texas. When you tip a hot young bartender over a million bucks yo’ wife gon’ be mad!

    She began with the “New Green Deal.” Hey, I’m cool with that. Knock all the airplanes out of the air, stick corks up the cows’ asses; I’ve come to expect that kind of legislation to proceed from the Democrat Party. But now she has ascended to glory, and told the left wing of the congress that if they don’t vote HER way, it’s The HIGHway! Flash bang. She just got President Trump his Wall with her lovely little mouth! Shades of Stormy Daniels!

    In short, she said, not implied mind you, SAID, that any Democrat not following the party line, ie, HER line, will be primaried. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s where an incumbent politician has to go home, explain theyself, and lose the primary to someone like Occasional-Cortez. Kinda like making a general take basic training again.

    There is a Populist revolution occurring in this country right now. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but Cortez is not the only Newbie in town. We have a real estate broker living in the White House who never ran for dog catcher. These upstarts have some good ideas, and don’t take too kindly to the bartender talking back! Especially when it suddenly revealed that she rode the same old Tammany Hall subway that’s been there all along. Last call Cortez!

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