This Is NOT “It!”

    The Whitewash Of Michael Jackson

    America’s Tribe

    This is NOT “it!” LBGTQ and sometimes X, the X meaning they don’t know which hole to stick it in, is the full evolution of the perversion of America that began some time ago. “Leaving Neverland,” an HBO production about Michael Jackson, has raised new questions, or rather confirmations about this drug addicted pedophile.

    When Jackson died it kind of whitewashed his image. Sorry. Bad choice of words, but for all intents and purposes his overdose was a good career move. At the end of his life Michael Jackson was a dried up has been praying to God that the ”This Is It” tour really was ”it” and would make his career at least solvent again.

    His family took over and actually Jackson made more money dancing in Hell than he ever did on stage. As the years went by his image got cleaner and cleaner, supported by his aging, adoring fans until the fact that he really got into little boys receded into the annals of time.

    But, when the HBO production hit the air, and the two little boys, now men said, ”Yep, he done it,” Michael was dancing again . . . NAKED! Even Oprah said, ”DAMN!” Taking a second look, even die-hard fans began to ease away. I mean, it’s hard to look at your grandson, and picture him at Neverland.

    From Michael’s day until now we’ve come from your average, everyday run of the mill child molester all the way to Drag Queen Story Time. Are you worried about nuclear war? You should! It’s gonna take a nuclear war just to disinfect us! Wide is the gate and narrow the way, and I’m here to tell you that there ain’t no way in HELL those fat bastards down at the Montrose Library are getting through.

    Due to the HBO production, Jackson’s image is fading. His supporters say it’s unfair to attack him when he is no longer here to defend himself. It’s more like he is no longer around to throw up a publicity smokescreen hiding what he really was. A homosexual child molester. This isn’t fifty shades of grey. It’s fifty shades of probable cause!

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