Our “Next” Civil War!

    Shouldn’t We Finish The First One?


    With all the talk about the next Civil War, don’t you think that we should get through with the first one? In the last one hundred and fifty four years we’ve just barely gotten past the Emancipation Proclamation. Lee turned his sword over to Grant and we’ve been sharpening that sword ever since. The KKK was instantly born, supplanted by Jim Crow, which was pushed back by the civil rights movement (for black folk, not Crackers) that gave us the skinheads, Neo-Nazis, which pissed off the original Black Panthers, New Black Panthers, and then black lives started mattering all over the place, Trump grabbed a pussy so we got the #METOO movement, the perfect compliment for the LBGTQ, and the Mexicans are gonna pay for it all! And you’re looking for a NEW Civil War? Negro PLEASE! We have a continuing Civil War called the American Dream!

    1862. Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand at Antietam.

    What caused all this is diversity. America was built and based on diversity. White folks are traditionally the most intolerant species on the planet. While spending time up in Brigham City I noticed a distinct lack of black folk. They did, however, have an abundance of whites of two nationalities. Saints and Gentiles. Now the Saints, naturally were Mormon, while the Gentiles were everybody else. Within the confines of Mormon society there are regular members who struggle to become what they call “Temple,” which are the Ritz brand while the other members are just plain ol’ crackers. Then there’s the Gentiles. You see, they don’t have enough black folk in Utah, so they take some of the other white folk and make THEM the black folk! It’s called natural intolerance.

    When the Pilgrims landed in 1620 there were approximately one hundred and two Caucasians and around fifty million Indians in North America. . Naturally we were a bit more “tolerant” back then. Then we opened Ellis Island and after giving the Native Americans smallpox, we began to manifest our destiny all the way to L. A. All the while folks of all breeds and creeds poured in to fill the gaps. Limeys, spics, krauts, fat dagos, hebes, ragheads and chinks. We got ‘em all! Oh yeah! And more than a few boatloads of Africans because SOMEbody had to pick the cotton and pour the tea. What could possibly go wrong?

    America was the “Great Experiment.” Mix all these multi-colored folks in with the folks that gave us the Crusades and the Hundred Years War. And these Europeans are all the same. Remember, this is what chased the Pilgrims off in the first place. They look down their noses at America all the while lamenting the fact that Muslims are overrunning THEM! From day one America gas been working with this and we STILL are. And it’s WORKING! That’s why we are AmeriCANs and you’re EuroCAN’Ts!

    As long as we were BUILDING America it was all good. Mexicans poured the concrete and Chinese laid the railroad tracks. But, after that was all accomplished there was a twist. In all experiments there is a “control.” It’s like you see what happens but you mess with it to see what happens “if.” Well, the control here is to take the minorities, stir ‘em up, and make the white folk ill at ease. Hence the Liberal Race.

    Well, the white folk got ill at ease five minutes after the ink died on the Constitution. That’s ‘cause we’re basically a nation of hypocrites. You see, noble words like, “All men are created equal,” sounds good and all, but let’s be honest here. Them was all old white guys in that room, ok? Jus’ sayin’. Your basic run of the mill liberal is all about dragging racism into any political discussion until their blonde haired, blue eyed, big breasted daughter ends up with R. Kelly and then he becomes a ”monster!”

    So, in 1865 we jumped on our damn selves to free the slaves. The Civil War was bad! How bad was it? Well, we lost about fifty thousand in Vietnam. There were about that many dead at Gettysburg. And while Nam was a highly mechanized machine gun war, the soldiers at Gettysburg rammed their bullets down their rifle barrels, one shot at a time with a coat hanger. Oh, FYI, coat hangers are still being used for killing down at Planned Parenthood. And what does Planned Parenthood mainly kill? Black babies! Gotta watch them PeckerWoods. They’ll git cha ever time!

    This all having been said, the question of equality survived the active Civil War and continued up until today as we try to tweak the Constitution to get around what it really says. All men are created equal. Now that’s not imply that women are equal. They’re equalER! So as Muslims pour in from the Middle East, Mexicans spill over Trump’s wall, and Occasional Cortez fights to get a statue of Karl Marx erected in Times Square, America will continue to try to reconcile our continuing Civil War. Smallpox anyone?

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