The Politics of Hate


    The unbridled hate of the Left is why I basically abandoned Facebook about a month ago. After my granddaughter had to sell all of her principles to get a job, I gave up on trying to reach the illiterate, foaming at the mouth, stupid, baby killing perverts that grace the Democrat Party.

    I did it sneaky-like. First, I solidified pages that I controlled. Pages like PeckerWood Press, The Butcher Shop, and Clevenger & Witt. I included Doc Greene and Raging Elephants because Doc and the Apostle are literate. I had to tear myself away from some old friends. As you can see from the pictures their posts are hateful, ignorant, and way out there in left field.

    I had believed that by being respectful, articulate, and maybe a little funny, that perhaps we could build a bridge of understanding between the two Americas. I was mistaken. There is no understanding in the Left. Only hate. We, as productive Americans endured the reigns of King George I, Clinton, George II, and while they had to groom Hillary for majesty they just let the butler run the show until it was time.

    What Happened? That was the title of Hillary’s lack luster book. AMERICA happened! America was so fed up that her Highness couldn’t even win a rigged election. THAT’S what happened! The Liberals can’t stand it, and Facebook can’t stand it. And it shows! You cannot safely enter into a random discussion on that platform without being attacked by illiterate people who can’t even tell you how many senators or states we have. The Big Mac generation is so entitled that if Hitler were to come back today we’d all be goose-stepping and Speaking German. They have evolved past frontal lobes. America happened, but it was our last hurrah.

    The American Tribe is singing it’s death song. In the next ten years Vietnam Vets will be mostly gone. Their grandchildren, then approaching middle age may remember what grandpa said, but they won’t believe it because the foundation of Leftist beliefs will be so entrenched that to challenge them would put you in a Residential Treatment Center for “Re-education,”

    And then “they” will come. The Chinese, The Russians, The Latinos, who’s vision is not clouded by the noble thoughts of our Forefathers. The Great experiment will be over. The results will be recorded and children will read of it in generations to come, but they will not believe or understand it. Perhaps in a thousand years, some archaeologist will find a scroll in some dig, and decipher the ancient English, “We The People,” scratch his head and will never understand what the the words meant.

    The Butcher Shop
    The Butcher Shop
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