Onward Through The Fog

    The Second Coming Of Doc Greene

    The Amazing Doc Greene

    We have a little problem with distribution of The Amazing Doc Green. It seems that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms have seen fit to censor Doc because of his Christian stance on homosexuality. So Doc has joined the ranks of the legendary Alex Jones.

    There’s a reason we are called “alternative” media. We are the alternative choice when you get tired of being lied to by all the cackle babble heads in the Main Stream Media box. Entities such as Facebook and YouTube tout their right to state their ideas as they see fit while they suppress the right of other people to express their opinions. And, while I understand freedom of speech, knowing the founder of Facebook I would remind Doc of the wisdom of the Prophet Richard Pryor and be wary of messing with them Jews without no money!

    There is simply no way a true Christian can support a homosexual lifestyle. The same as an adulterous lifestyle, or alcoholic, lying, stealing, or murderous. There are certain “rules of the road” that the true believer must follow in order to follow Christ. Having an affair with another man’s wife is just as offensive to Doc as Drag Queen Story Time.

    Because of the permissive nature of our society, America has become a whore house. That’s why when you find yourself somewhere such as Brigham City, Utah you feel so out of place. To be among people actually living their faith makes you ill at ease because you KNOW Houston isn’t! An openly gay mayor, men dressed as women reading to three year olds in a library situated in a section of town dedicated to a deviate lifestyle and Christians arrested for objecting to it? This has been tried before and we’re STILL trying to find the exact location of Sodom and Gomorrah! If you will note, hurricanes seem to find Houston quite frequently. Just saying.

    Neither I, nor anyone I know would go out of the way to harm a homosexual. We would not impose our lifestyle on them either. We simply ask that they respect our right to live our beliefs and please do not try to indoctrinate our children. When you try to influence the mind of a child with sexually oriented dress, speech, and ideas that are outside the main stream it’s just pedophilia, and that’s the long and short of it. It’s the same as a man my age reading the Karma Sutra to a team of high school Cheerleaders and trying to pass it off as a study of the classics.

    So, we’re going to have to shift gears. Since Facebook and others have made Doc such a hot button topic we have to explore other options for distribution. Currently he broadcasts each weekday on American Voice Radio from 1:00 to 3:00 Texas time. You can find that here.


    Facebook was so thorough in its inquisition that when I tried to post that simple link it was blocked by a brand new algorithm. Imagine that! They still don’t have a “thumbs down” option on the comments, but they wrote a “Doc Down” algorithm in less than three days. So, being the devious old bastard that I am, I just buried the link in this article and published it in the National Tea Party Tribune. You can find Doc there. We will distribute. I’ve been doing this before Mark Zuckerberg was born and always got thr I

    I distributed “Weird Wilbur Rides Again” right Under Roy Acuff’s pius nose, and you can find that on iTunes, thank you very much! There are phone numbers on that site and tons of good CHRISTIAN information that you will be proud to let your children see and hear. So, like we say in Austin, onward through the fog!

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