An American Tragedy


    An American Tragedy!

    by Brother Theo

    The American notion that history is a rising road has made great contributions to the American cause. The American Dream is founded on the idea that our destiny is one of greatness, and that no power shall have the legitimate force to steal our individual rights as they are defined by the constitution of the United States. This social contract upholds the vital requisite of parents to raise their children along the rising path toward the future, in a lawful fashion. !If any institution, public or private should appropriate to themselves this right, given to us by our founding fathers, and countenanced by every major religion of the world, then they should be held accountable for crimes against all Americans; for if this should be allowed to happen, then how shall America determine it’s own course? If parents must raise their children according to values and traditions different from those they choose to believe in, then why have parents in the first place? A rot has taken root in our communities, I have seen this rot firsthand, and I can tell you it is a worm growing in the breast of this great nation. It seeks to steal from us our futures, and to deprive our children of their pasts. It seeks to alienate us from our families, and to drive a wedge between ordinary citizens and their countrymen. I hardly need name this so called “frenemy”, It goes by different acronyms in different states, but it is known in every state by the fearful name of the CPS. These three ordinary letters of the English alphabet combined with one another represent the deepest fears of millions of Americans. Never has any person or institution been named with less aptitude.

    Brother Theo

    Child Protective Services is the embodiment of everything which has become a blight on America. As an institution it is everything it says it is not, and nothing it says that it is. For every wrong it rights, there are five destroyed families, a hundred devastated lives, as well as dead and missing children. These are not results that I have heard about, or believe to be true by means of inductive reasoning, but rather, I have reason to believe that they are rotten because I have seen these things with my own eyes. The wreckage left behind by this deformed monster is heartbreaking to behold. Should all Americans see it, clearly, as I have, I have no doubt that the population would rise up against this mistake as one and put an end to it! While it goes without saying that there is sometimes a need to protect children from their own families, it is not an excuse for this thing whose name should be anathema. In point of fact, it makes their crimes worse for the fact that they, the destroyers of family should wear the symbol of savior. !If the fact that we, the little people, must band together to bring about legislative change in order to stop them, if the fact that they are in the statehouse to defend their privilege of abusing our state’s constitution as well as that of our august nation, then you tell me what is needed to gain your support against them? The answer is all too clear, and all too tragic. This is America’s great tragedy. Having been given, by the blood of men and women who gave their lives for the freedoms that we do have, we look the other way.

    We pontificate, and dither, and tell ourselves that good will eventually win out; but there are many dead, and many missing children who will not live to see this unrealized victory, because too many of us have not the guts to fight! Perhaps when the CPS slithers up to your door and tells your children that you have no control over them, when they tell your spouse that you must go your separate ways, then you might fight. The heartbreaking truth is, that when you look at those targeted by the CPS you will find among them are our most vulnerable families. Most families that the CPS preys upon are those people who are too strapped by the cost of supporting their families to be able to afford good legal defense. While the CPS makes free use of our courts, attorneys general, and our police, those attacked must make do with what is at hand to defend themselves. It is shameful that it must be so, and therefore I urge you to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Americans, despite race, color or creed to chop back this noxious weed that has crept into our homes. The CPS must be made to abandon their principle of the end justifies the means, and conduct the business protecting our nations most precious resource in a manner befitting the servants of a constitutional people.

    The Butcher Shop
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