Drag Queen Gets Dragged To Jail!

    James (Doc) Greene

    Well, Well, Well! Lookee here! While that librarian at the Montrose Library in Houston was rolling in Doc Greene’s arrest like a dog in a dead armadillo she had a baby raper, dressed like a woman, reading the Karma Sutra to the little boys and girls inside! This is my surprised face!

    Houston librarian
    The librarian who had Doc Greene arrested

    Are you people in Houston being politically correct enough? I can’t imagine any danger in putting a Sodomite, convicted of raping an eight year old boy within reach of, wait for it, EIGHT YEAR OLD BOYS! And the Houston mayor, a Sodomite himself, sitting up there in the council chambers, lavishing love on his contemporaries as they paraded before him explaining how queer they truly were, can now ask the same cops who handcuffed the Amazing Doc Greene to arrest the registered sex offender, and I might add, the librarian who set the whole thing up in the first place!

    She didn’t even go on the net and do a simple check on the people she was exposing your kids to people! A grown man, dressed as a woman, who was convicted of raping a little boy reading to kids in a public library. What could possibly go wrong?

    James (Doc) Greene

    Several things need to happen here. First off, the librarian needs to be arrested, charged, and registered as a sex offender for enabling this mess. The ”Drag Queen” has already been arrested, I believe, so he’s most likely getting his ass whipped down at the Harris County Jail. Next, children should not be allowed in that library ever again. The American Library Association needs to scrub all the support for this nonsense from its website, or better yet, just disband the ALA and let some other organization take over. Some group of retired school ma’arms who like kids to read books, or something like that. And finally, a little compensation might be in order to sooth Doc’s hurt feelings. I think about two mil may work. And, oh yeah, I suppose the librarian has kids, grandkids, etc. Since she’s so fond of sexual deviates perhaps a little visit from the CPS and let a super pissed off caseworker drag her through a key hole backwards might get her mind right. Yeah. That’ll do.

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