A View of Immigration


    The Majority of The Citizens of The United States of America are Immigrants.

    My grandparents, along with thousands of others entered the United States via Ellis Island, where our ancestors placed their names and the names of their children in the Log Book of Immigrants.

    Today we have those who’s names are on record of entering the United States along with those of which no such record is found. Some are even here with names that were purchased.

    When our ancestors arrived, one of the first items of business was to learn English to allow them to communicate with everyone. America is the only country to my knowledge with no standard language although English is the only required language in the schools.

    Today we have a two-fold problem. First we have no idea who is in the United States legally or illegally. Second we cannot communicate with our own legal immigrants let alone the illegal ones. We do have a problem with border security and we need to secure our borders. Today we have elected officials that would like for us to have Open Borders. Open Borders, in my opinion, would serve only one purpose and that is to allow people to come and go as they please. Thousands of jobs would be lost due to elimination of positions, lines at the airports would become shorter due to the fact that anyone would be able to come and go as they please. Cities and States would lose Government Funding because there would be no way to prove legal residents.

    Instead of securing our borders we have elected officials that would rather close down the Government than to discuss ways of securing our borders or balancing our budget. These are the same elected officials that want to remove all need for identification to vote. I have always had to supply a proof of citizenship to vote. I believe that it’s time for our elected officials to take responsibility for their actions and do their job or resign. Remember that they work for us and not for themselves or the special interest groups.

    Bill Hickman

    The Butcher Shop
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