I Don’t Like Writing CPS Stories


    I don’t like writing CPS articles. For one they are depressing. The only time I considered quitting journalism was after doing a series of CPS stories. I thought of taking up a more decent vocation. Something like selling meth. The other thing is CPS stories don’t have “legs.” You’ve all seen it. The white van shows up. The cops. The caseworker coming out of the house, baby in arms. Woman screaming and crying, and the cops doing their best to referee this cluster screw. And what do you think? Does your heart go out to your neighbor? No! You wonder, “What did they do?” I mean, they must’ve done SOMETHING! Else, why would the state come, right?

    The fact is that most people have never met a CPS worker. Most people don’t know the actual definition of “Foster Care,” Most people just raise their kids and go on with their lives. And, to be honest, most times when that caseworker takes a baby there IS a good reason.

    CPS workers are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Over the years I’ve read hundreds of complaints about them. They are equally divided. On one hand the Department acted heavy handed and destroyed a family, while on the other it’s “ Why didn’t they act sooner?”

    The sad fact is the government shouldn’t be involved in parenting. Because there are no set rules for raising a child. What defines “abuse?” Of course molestation, but what about the LDS child who is punished for ducking seminary one morning? I grew up in 1950s Louisiana. Now honestly, my mom and dad rarely spanked me, but my grandma? She’d beat my butt when she discovered that I’d lived through the night and THEN drag me down the First Self Righteous Baptist Church on Sunday, pop me down in the amen pew so the preacher could scream at me that I was a-going to “hayell!” I was scared of Jesus until I was thirty years old!

    Some kid, fresh out of the University of Texas with a sociology degree knows about as much about parenting as I know about flying a 747. But, she has training in what the state THINKS parenting is all about. And you know the problem with being a hammer. Right away you go looking for a nail. And for you number crunchers out there, there are always more nails than there are hammers.

    During the recent hearings in Austin I was struck by one thing. Are the parents in Texas so bad that we have to convene a Senate Subcommittee just to address the issue? Or has the state been in over its head from day one? When children are made virtual mandatory reporters it smacks of the KGB, or Nazi Germany. We have gone from back in my day when daddy got drunk and rowdy the cops showed up, slapped him around, and he spent the night in jail to to the kids knowing that all they have to do to get out of their chores is dial 1-800-CRY-WOLF!

    And the state continues to put more and more bandaids on a broken, unconstitutional system that even its own people don’t understand. After so many bandaids you don’t have healing, you just have a mummy! So, how do we fix this?

    Well, we can fix this by changing one letter. Take CPS and make it DPS. That’s right. Dissolve the CPS, give its job to the Department of Public Safety and go by the rule of law WITH the power to arrest. Make the guiding underlying rule to be “Family First!” You won’t have to worry about reuniting a family that you don’t break up in the first place. Of course, if you walk into a house where mommy and daddy are a couple meth heads the kids got to go. But, if you are a State Trooper mommy and daddy gonna go too! To the calaboose! See? So simple. You don’t need parenting classes. All the parents need is a bail bondsman. Then you find out if there are grandparents, cousins, or anyone with the same DNA as the kids and ask them if they’re willing to step in. For NO money. No “aging out” no “family court” and NO reactive attachment disorder because you adopted a “cat” to a family of “dogs!”

    There are some excellent CPS people. I personally know of two who are dear friends and actually have helped my family immensely! But there are some vermin in the department too. If you did assign child protection to the DPS all you’d have to do is bring over the good CPS people and hand the rest a Walmart job application. Going under the rule of law would greatly reduce the case load. Beating a kid with a belt to the point of bruising is assault! NOT Maria Sanchez swatting a smart-mouth kid on his behind with a flip flop.

    So why aren’t we doing this? Money! Child trafficking is big money no matter who’s doing it be they the cartels, the CPS, or some cult on the far side of the Great Salt Lake. During Bill Clinton’s tenure, under Hillary’s guidance, the Concealed Pedophile Society came out of the closet and there became a two for one sale on little girls and boys. And both the children and the sincere CPS workers are the victims of a system that was doomed to failure even before the ink dried. Just about all that was discussed in Austin on Tuesday was money. I left, had lunch, and again stood at the foot of Alex Hill’s grave.

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