The OMG Generation


    I think that one thing that has led to our division, the attitude of our children, and the flushing of America is the loss of literacy. Growing up in Louisiana I started school at five. Each morning, when I reported to the bus stop, the “big kids” would ask if I knew my “ABCs” yet. When I couldn’t recite them, they’d laugh at me. Nowadays that would be called bullying. Back it 1956 it was called “get with it kid!”

    By the time I was in the second grade, I was hanging out at the library. Kids can’t do that anymore because there’s folks hanging out there teaching “diversity.”I had favorite books that I checked out again and again. Paul Bunyan, The Alamo, and creepy stories such as “The Headless Horseman filled my head. These days we have Headless Special Councils. Along about this time radio turned into TV, and it wasn’t long before I made the connection between the words in the books and the words on the TV set. I could visualize what I read in context with what I heard and saw. Then I found that I could use words to describe what I saw in MY mind, and since the “big kids” had actually been the ones who taught me to read, they could see my ideas in their minds, too!

    There was a rite of passage in those days. At seven, you had to be able to catch a trolly, find your way to downtown Shreveport, see a movie, and find your way home. That’s why my generation was so smart. The dumb ones never came back. Well, I discovered that I had another talent. After I watched a movie, I could recall every word, every scene. And it was all stored in my mind. Especially the music. Mix this with all the other information generated within my imagination, shake it up, add salt, and you get, well, you get things like “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “CigarBox.”

    With the “OMG” generation we have lost all this. As communication gets faster, our kids get slower. As Facebook thinks FOR them, they think less and less for themselves, and not having absorbed any knowledge that we had to work for, they have truly become sheeple, believing anything that someone who DID learn to read feeds them.

    That’s why I do sections of books in the periodicals. There are still a few kids out there who can “see” that book world I saw at the Queensboro Public Library. Kids who can still reason, rationalize, and understand. None of these kids go to the University of Texas, by the way, just so you know. There is no Russian collusion. THEIR kids can READ! So can the Chinese.

    We have the sorriest education system this side of unknown tribes in the Amazon, and it shows. Alex Jones makes regular trips to UT asking LAW students such questions as “Did Martin Luther King” free the slaves, and they clap their hands like seals and bark, “Yup, Yup!”

    My grandchildren live in a different world. They eat anything they want at the café so long as they can read the menu. I regularly pull out change, and the one who counts it first can have it. And they clearly understand God, family, and country, in that order. You’d better do the same, or there’s gonna be a lot of OMG in your future with a population that can’t even spell it!

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