Well, It’s All Over Now

    And It Sure Is Monday!


    Well, it’s all over now, and it sure is Monday! After two years, and millions of dollars, we finally got the congress to work on a Sunday and a six page report saying, “He wasn’t wid dem brothsas!” The Mueller Report shows that Trump won the election fair and square. The Democrats just KNEW that Trump hired the Russians to throw the election with Facebook memes. While the level of American comprehension is on that level, it was most likely that the tide was turned by Hillary laying up drunk in her daughter’s New York apartment while Trump was barn stomping every chicken coop in the Midwest.

    As the president did victory laps around his golf course in Florida this weekend, the Democrats broke out in buttholes and pooped themselves to death. As they wiped that lemon custard pie off their faces they rebounded with some good old, first class political double talk. Being found not guilty doesn’t mean you’re innocent! Trumpets are preparing a “night of the long knives” that will make the Democrat house majority virtually useless. With the uproar from the public, looking at what they bought with their thirty million dollars, combined with practically every Democrat in Congress old enough to run for president throwing their hat in the ring, it may be that we’re seeing the death struggle of the party that gave us so much political division since the Civil War!

    With all their dreams of impeachment sailing off into the sunset they are grabbing at any straws left on the floor after their two year coke party. I mean Barron must’ve done SOMETHING, right? You pay these people, people! Well over two hundred thousand a year, and all the steak they can eat. That’s pretty good pay for a New York bartender and some anti-Semitic chick in a head scarf. What do you do after a witch hunt? You take the witches, tie them to a stake, set some wood around their feet, and set it on fire. I suggest all copies of the Mueller Report be used as kindling.

    So the division continues. Don’t expect any cures for cancer to come out of this mess, folks. Have you ever noticed that it’s “us” and “them?” “Us” being the population of Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives, and “them” being those inside the beltway. And they never do a single thing we sent them up there to do. While we’re at a virtual Cold War with each other down here, they argue over some wall that TEXAS could fund with the income from beer sales at a Dallas Cowboy football game!

    Let’s do some math here. Texas spends around twelve billion a year chasing and or feeding those who are wet of back. So, why don’t we take five billion and just BUILD the wall for the Americans. Then, we’ll be seven billion ahead THAT year, and twelve the next! Washington will never let us do that. There are more pressing issues than National Security. While they worry and fret about the Middle East and them poor fellers down in Venezuela, those oil wells out in Midland- Odessa just keep pushing gas prices down, down, down! This is not rocket science.

    And while their own guy tells them the collusion idea was a rabbit trail, they still sic the dogs just KNOWING that there’s got to be a rabbit out there SOMEWHERE! This is why in Rome the Emperor and the boys drank wine in the balcony of the coliseum while the people sat a bit closer to the lions. Well, Spartacus won the last election. And they tried to crucify him but when they nailed him up he just peed in their faces, and you know what? He’s a big guy and has a lot more left for 2020!

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