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    There are some things you shouldn’t survive. The death of your child is one of those things. When Jeremy Richman committed suicide this week, the father of a murdered first grader at Sandy Hook, he became the third suicide this week, related to a mass shooting. Guess it wasn’t a government red flag after all, huh Alex Jones. This guy went looking for his little girl in the only way he knew how. I hope he finds her.

    The other two were kids. Stuck with the political discount of human life, and having no pioneer spirit, they chose one from column “B” also, and two beautiful, promising souls flew into the sun. Seventy-five years ago the young man would have been storming the beaches of Normandy and the other would have been working in an arms factory. They would have understood it wasn’t guns, it was HITLER!

    America has endured wars, pain, strife and all manner of adversity to build our nation. Each generation rose to the occasion, fighting the British, Barbary pirates, Germans, and even each other, but there was always that American spirit. The knowledge of right and wrong, and the knowledge that together we could go to the moon, but that’s all gone now. Perhaps it’s a good thing that other cultures are rusting our democracy. At least they believe in themselves.

    The three people who died this week had lost all hope. They lost it when their friends died.They lost it when their child died. They lost it when America died! They lost the American dream. We have become lax. We have become lazy. It’s time to let someone else to take the torch. We don’t have it anymore. It died on 9/11, during Watergate, in Vietnam, and in Dealy Plaza. And this week!

    It will take a huge amount of faith to resurrect America, but frankly the Millennials don’t have it and if they did the international corporations that own America wouldn’t let them use it.

    So, we need to just need to let them burn it all down. Let these kids see how socialism really works. See what real hunger feels like. See how it feels when they come for you and only they have the guns, and feel that loneliness these three wonderful people felt this week when they closed the door, and their eyes, and said, “I’m outta here!” Rest In Peace!

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