Here’s a news flash for ya:

    Chicago hasn’t been run right since Al Capone ran it. A city that has flamboyantly touted its corruption for all to see, recently throwing its own police department under the bus to protect yet another crooked politician, the citizens rose up in mass and installed a whole new bus route. Just like the American people did when they elected Donald Trump in 2016. Now that’s some deep political analysis, but if you look at it squarely that dog will hunt! I didn’t see any mention of party affiliations, but since she’s a woman, black, and a yankee, dollar to a donut she’s a Democrat. That, and there are no calls for impeachment. But, that doesn’t MATTER! The old order changeth! If you like your party, you can keep your party. Trump just used a tired old elephant to take the White House.

    Normally I’d go into a Republican rant, but this is just too funny to disassemble. This chick, I guess she’s a chick, is so far left she’s right! Chicago is so messed up that a Bull Dyke mayor is a semblance of normalcy. Go figure!

    Let’s be honest. A Jew shopping in the Golan Heights is safer than a child getting on a school bus in south Chicago. Smollett didn’t have to hire his homies to fake an attack. Heck! Just walk around with a pair of new shoes and a watch for a while!

    Chicago has the best gun control in the nation. The drive bys never miss. Chicago is the one city that I will not drive through, and I’ve driven through everything from the Bronx to Watts! The Muslims wanna take over something take THAT over! Come to think of it, that might kill two birds with one stone.

    But, the simple fact is the people of Chicago are fed up! The election was so obvious the opponent couldn’t get enough dead people to vote to even get a respectable showing at the polls. Big Al coulda won.

    Lightfoot’s color, gender, or political party had nothing to do with her nearly seventy-five percent run at the polls. Her opponent’s connection with ANYTHING incumbent made the cut. In a city that has stopped functioning long ago the voters would have elected the Devil Had he ran!

    Of course Lightfoot has her work cut out for her. City Hall is full of the “same ol’ same ol.” During her campaign she had an ad where she walked into a darkened room and turned on a light. So the light is about to come on for real. I hope the people of Chicago get a good look. And if you don’t like the results just look back to 1776. The people in England didn’t like that either.

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