Truth Is Now Hate Speech


    Apparently, someone at Facebook thinks that my comment calling ILLEGAL Aliens ILLEGAL, and calling illegal immigration “criminal” is considered “hate speech,” and they have removed my posting. I assume whoever made the decision to ban my comment agrees with Julian Castro who wants to “decriminalize” illegal immigration.

    However, it is my opinion (protected by the 1st Amendment) that a person who does something ILLEGAL is a “criminal,” and breaking immigration laws is a crime, at least until that law is changed and the borders are abolished.

    I should ask once again rhetorically, “What part of the word ILLEGAL don’t some people understand?” Like sanctuary jurisdictions that pretend immigration laws don’t exist and therefore they don’t need to comply if someone at Facebook doesn’t like my opinion that illegal immigration is a crime, am I evil and hateful or are they forcing their political views and judgments on me?

    This appears to be another example of liberals, leftists, and progressives imposing their ideas on the rest of us, and chilling the atmosphere of free speech and thought.

    Saying that illegal aliens have committed a crime by entering ILLEGALLY into the U.S. doesn’t make me hateful. My comments are not “hate speech.”

    My comment was… “Illegal aliens broke immigration laws, and they are criminals. Illegal aliens that commit further crimes in this country have added to their criminality.”

    I will fight and appeal and fight Facebook’s decision.

    El Conservador
    George Rodriguez

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