Joe Biden and the #METOO Roundup


    Biden comes from the baby kissing days of politics. Shake all the men’s hands, hug the ladies, and kiss the babies. Women were women, men were men, and the sheep were nervous. #METOO changed all that. Even my granddaughter, Puck, became a #METOO too! And she’s only twelve years old. She’s a #MENEVER! Recently, as she sat beside me on a couch, I casually put my arm across her shoulders and she immediately said, ”I’m very uncomfortable with this.” I became a #MEWTF? We now shake hands, but only with her express permission.

    While it’s a lot of fun to see memes of Joe Biden resting his hands on the shoulders of the Statue of Liberty, kissing her in her left ear, it is not truly accurate about this man, and its not totally fair. The #METOO movement has so codified relationships that the instruction manual for interaction between men and women resembles the one for the 737 Max, with NO stall control.

    I don’t date. I don’t even date my wife! I take my dog, Cleo out, but she’s a bitch. I live a solitary life. I get along with myself just fine. I have absolutely no social skills, and couldn’t pick up on signals from a woman if she wrote them across her forehead with lipstick. And it’s not my age, I was a klutz in high school. But, I must say that Texas girls back then WERE girls. They’d jump into a river or cattle tank naked with you in a New York minute. Now they’re all a bunch of school teachers, nearing retirement, trying to make sense out of a bunch of #METOOs.

    The asteroid killed the dinosaurs and political correctness will be the end of the human race. It has gotten too complicated and legally dangerous to entwine yourself with anyone except possibly your Siamese Twin. There’s even a new group expounding the idea of NEVER having sex because the world is just too far gone to bring children into it.

    So, I’ll just sit on my porch with a vodka martini and imagine that maybe, just maybe out in west Texas there’s a girl in homemaking class that just knows if she can learn to make that meatloaf just right Billy Joe Jim Bob will marry her and she won’t have to sling hash down at Fat Eddie’s Catfish Emporium like her mother did.

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