The First Church of the Accomodation


    A couple years ago I made a comment to a gathering in Utah that if the Mormon Church didn’t get a firm grip on the foundations of the faith that they would see the day when a lesbian would perform a wedding ceremony in their Salt Lake temple. That brought a round of laughter. Well, they stopped laughing yesterday when the church agreed to baptize the children of same sex marriages.

    Now, on the surface this appears to be a kind move to attempt to bring children into the fold, but there is a more sinister move behind it. While Honey Boo Boo is being dunked, daddy and daddy will be standing there smiling proudly as the church faithful are trying to peel the duck tape off their mouths.

    Gay marriage flies in the face of everything the Mormon Church represents. With the specter of polygamy still hanging over the Escalanté The Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ burst upon the scene in the mid-1800s as the most woman chasing sect since Mohammed and the boys. The basic tenant of the church concerning pre-existence, and bringing down as many souls as possible in order for them to work their way back to Heavenly Father is foundational. So how many souls can two dudes (or dudettes) bring down?

    Perhaps a name change is in order. Something like The First Church of the Accommodation. The church has shown a willingness to bend to the will of social pressure, I mean God, since its conception. Not all decisions were bad. Like back in the ’70s when God did a reversal and declared black people to be human. That was cool. They threw plural marriage on the bargaining table in 1894 in exchange for statehood. Now I guess the queen in the Peach Day parade in Brigham city will really be a ”queen.”

    This is the continuing degradation of the American character. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no more absolutes and any resistance to popular opinion is now ”hate speech!” Gay couples will soon tread the halls where yesterday they wouldn’t be allowed on the same side of the street. No matter what you think of LDS theology you should grieve silently for the loss of the last vestige of the pioneer spirit. Where’s Porter when you need him?

    The Butcher Shop
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