Trump, Boeing, and God


    Oh God, where do I start? You know, I used to worry about finding subjects to write about. Well, Trump fixed all that! This weekend he did a comedy skit at a Jewish nightclub, popped in on the border just long enough to fire the secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, and ordered cocktails from AOC. No wonder the Millennials eat Tide Pods, and don’t know what gender they are!

    We were informed that while there IS some kind of fence out around Ocotillo Wells they forgot to put the gates in, leaving gaping holes running for miles. But, Trump put off closing the border for a year so our margaritas are safe. We are PAYING these people!

    Of course some guy called Omar’s office and threatened to kill her because she wore her towel into the House chamber. That was very big news. She claimed it was because she’s a Muslim. Naw, baby, it’s because you’re black. Muslim is not a race. Get it right. If you’re gonna play the victim you have to play the race card.

    On tech news, Boeing is ducking and dodging the growing realization that their new planes simply can’t fly. But one thing is clear. I don’t think anyone will try to use their cell phones on a Boeing jet. Dial 1 (800) FALL-DOWN! I was reading a review over the weekend that explained about twenty years or so ago pilots stopped flying the planes and now send suggestions to a computer as to what should be done. Things such as keep the engines ON, and don’t fly into the ground. Boeing is releasing planes with folding wings because the gates in some airports aren’t wide enough. Use the gates down at the border. They’re plenty wide enough. About the only thing I agree with AOC on is flying. She wants to institute high speed rail! Heck! I’d travel in a Mormon push cart before I’d ever get on another Boeing Jet!

    And, in conclusion, Mormon missionaries are bailing out now because of the switch in the rules about same sex couples getting their kids baptized. Now, let me get this right. They’re pulling out of the new LBTGQ Boy Scouts, but they’re recognizing “Mr and Mr” as a legitimate union at a baptism. God certainly moves in mysterious ways

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