Buy The World a Coke


    The politics of hate have become the norm. We can’t seem to build a wall to secure our border, but we built a wall down the isle of Congress just fine. Do you wanna know what gets me? Politics have become so utterly predictable. You know exactly what Pelosi, or Cortez or Beatoff O’Rourke are going to say in any given situation. And the right is just as bad. If this bunch of pakayadis had been running America in 1941 we’d all be speaking Japanese now.

    If the president declares Thanksgiving, the Democrats instantly start talking about animal cruelty. If Nancy Pelosi makes a statement at a press conference Fox News has some doctor come on talking about Alzheimer’s or dementia. But, they are not paving any highways people! They are playing to the hate groups.

    There is no more bipartisan. That’s just something you order on pizza. I don’t know why they even bother to mix Democrats and Republicans on the various committees. Let’s see, on one committee you have five Republicans and eight Democrats, you know exactly how each vote will go. Right along party lines. Congress is the same way.

    And the disrespect! Calling the president of the United States an “orange fool?” How about that black fool we had for eight years? Oh hell! Now, I’m a racist. I actually listen to what Cortez says. In person I’d never argue with her because she’s twenty-nine and from New York. I am a misogynist. On top of that she’s a bartender. You can take the bartender out of the Bronx, but you can’t take the Bronx out of the bartender. Let your mind wander on that one for a while. I usually agree with drunk young girls for obvious reasons. Yeah, yeah, yeah. #YOUTOO Omar! If I could just get those two chicks together with a bottle of vodka. Maybe get Omar to take off her hijab . . . NOW, where was I?

    Fact is there’s no more room for humor, bi-partisan, understanding, or progress left in America. Only separatism, hate, ultra right, left whatever. Nobody’s listening because the singing to various choirs is drowning out all discussion. Sometimes I’d just like to buy the world a Coke!

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