Population Control


    So there is a mandatory vaccine requirement in place in New York City now, even threats of imprisonment if you don’t get your child vaccinated. There is a large population of illegal immigrants in that city, Remember Bill Deblasio, even welcomed them there. Now there’s a measles outbreak. One has to wonder if they are bringing these people in on purpose, bringing these diseases back to force people into these vaccines. No one remembers back when Bill Gates said Vaccines could be used as a form of population control.

    Forced Mandatory Vaccines, and the people will run straight to the government to demand these vaccines. Yes what in the world could possibly go wrong. They have already said they would censor people like me who spoke up against these vaccines, they have even hinted they would fine of jail antivaxxors or people who spoke out against mandatory vaccinations. So you have to stop and ask yourself, what is really going on?

    We know these illegals coming across the borders are bringing these diseases back into the country, and in many cases it’s a variation of the disease that our vaccines might not even work. Diseases carry different strands in different parts of the world, what works here might not work somewhere else. We know this to be true with the different strands of the flu. So what’s the end game? Forced Mandatory Vaccines…Think about what’s really going on. Think real hard…

    Do you realize that this mandated measles vaccine by the mayor of NYC is the combination MMR, and it is going to be given to 6 month old babies? It is usually given at 18 months. Of all the vaccines, this is the worst. Often autism occurs just after the MMR. Do you realize the gravity of this mandate?

    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the parent or guardian of any child older than six months of age who lives, works or resides within the 11205, 11206, 11221 and/or 11237 zip codes and who has not received the MMR vaccine within forty eight (48) hours of this order being signed by me shall cause such child to be vaccinated against measles unless such parent or guardian can demonstrate that the child has immunity to the disease or document that he or she should be medically exempt from this requirement.

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