The Devil You Say!


    Thoughts for a Sunday Morning

    First, and foremost, congratulations for living through another Saturday night without dying of alcohol poisoning, the rage of a jealous lover or the bacteria now invading our great nation via our southern border courtesy of the Democrat party. I, myself abstained last night and arose disgustingly clear headed this morning, but I will muddle on, waiting on the sun which invariabaly rises, even at this time of day.

    Last night i found myself binging on Netflix’s ”Lucifer” which I promised myself that I would never do again, much like an alcoholic promising only one drink, but like the drunk, eight hours later found myself still watching, and finding that I actually began to agree with the Devil.

    The Devil is a human creation, dont you know? When humanity cast about, observing the condition of the human race it deduced that this simply could not be by chance, it simply must be other-worldly. In our day you cannot look at Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Omar, or that cotton-picking Booker and ascribe a navel to any of them. Oh my! Was that racist? My apologies.

    So, the loyal opposition is still clamoring for Donald Trump’s tax returns. Don’t you think that if there were any abnormalities there that the IRS would be all over it? I mean they’ve never balked at stealing every dime possible. And the likelihood of the Democrat Congress being capable of understanding those returns is beyond reality. I mean, they still can’t comprehend ”border.”

    The President found a way to house all of our uninvited guests. Hollywood opened its arms and the great unwashed showed up. Pelosi lost her mind, and simply could not understand the connection between ”santuary” and ”santuees!” To be perfectly honest, Texas has a goodly number of such cities, mainly in Democrat strongholds such as Austin and Houston, but our perception is a bit different. When our police stumble upon such a situation no arrests are usually made because no one is there but the help.

    I ended my night thumbing through my Facebook Newsfeed ( Oh GOD! Why do I do that?) and for the record I did not find the Holy Grail. I did find numerous debates among people who should be taken to the Escalanté and left naked with a pint of vinegar to drink. Oh, and a very delightful picture of one fetching young lass, completely nude, hitchhiking to Woodstock. The Devil you say!

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