The Butcher Shop is about to take a decided shift to the right. With the events of the last week, both public and private it’s time to take the gloves off. Now, I’m talking about discussion!

    The Liberals love the sound bite, the innuendo, the smart remark. When challenged they chant like Buddhist Monks. We are a divided nation. When corporations were deemed status as actual beings they became our rulers. Now consider this. The Republican and Democrat Parties are corporations. They are opposed. Opposed now on a violent scale from the actions of the beings making up their body. In effect we ARE at Civil War.

    We walk on eggs. Our government runs slip shod over the Bill of Rights, and the left cheers it on. Losers such as Booker scream, “Impeachment” every time the President shaves. A simple barrier to keep criminals, and disease out of our nation becomes a major feat. I truly believe Howard Carter found Nancy Pelosi in King Tut’s tomb!

    California makes itself safe ground for anything that slithers across the border, and the Democrats cry, “Impeachment” when the President makes them live with it. We murder babies! One state is right on the edge of allowing the starvation of people with dementia. That was the first group Hitler practiced the gas chambers on! Where are your minds?

    Adults, pursuing their various perversions inflict them upon our children in public libraries while the parents stand by proudly being “inclusive.” So consider this; If you’re lucky enough to be born, you’ll probably get molested by the age of eight, and if you survive and it gets to be too much for you, well, your grandkids will just starve you to death. Stewed, screwed, and tattooed! We are a nation of fools!

    So, in response to this, The Butcher Shop is serving up a new cut of meat. Crow! Bitter, dry, and hard to swallow, but proven to clean out your bowels. Bon Appetité!

    The Butcher Shop
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