And The Wall Gets Higher

    by I Bleed Orange

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    No wonder that the POTUS can’t get the funding for his top election topic, the wall.
    Today another Republican is voting to block the POTUS’s Emergency Declaration for more funding to build the wall across the southern border.

    Think about it people. With crime running rampant in America, Would you leave your house unlocked when you aren’t at home? Do you trust all of your possessions to whoever visits you or would you like to have someone move in and take over your house and property?

    The Democrats or Never Trumpers must want just that. Every day we read or hear about another anti Trump issue. If Trump could have been bought by the special interest groups like most of the rest of the Congress or Senate, would he be having the difficulties he’s facing during his presidency?

    I for one believe that the Congress and the Senate would have gotten something done in the past three years. A budget may have been passed so that the Government wouldn’t have been shutdown. Maybe if they (the congress and senate) didn’t get paid during the shutdown some work would have been accomplished. It seems that all that gets accomplished on Capitol Hill is a mass delivery of The Doctorate Degree for Debate.

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