Mackerel Snappers and Goat Eaters


    I have a good Idea! Why don’t we give people the right to speak their minds without resorting to death threats. DEATH THREATS? Because some slip of a girl ran off at the mouth? Look, I don’t like what she said any more than anybody else, but I wouldn’t kill her for it. Ok, the Muslims blew up three of our buildings. We blew up three of their countries! We all need to realize that WE (the American people) are NOT the problem! The people who have been running your government since King George I are the problem!

    We need Donald Trump. Wanna know why I know that he’s the solution to this problem? Because both houses of Congress hate him so bad, THAT’S why! When he handed Pelosi her face this weekend I laughed my butt off. She makes a career out of getting as many Mexicans into our country as she can, and the Orange Terror just gave her some! Viva Trump!

    Texas is no different. We have a governor down here that says he’s adding to sales tax in order to lower property tax. Then raises the property tax TOO! Hey! #USTOO! And they’re everywhere. We have given birth to a form of American royalty. Look at Hillary. Woman holds no office. Doing a whistle stop tour right now, and for WHAT! Dog catcher?

    It doesn’t matter who the president is so long as the royal court is still in session. And you people (that’s right, I really just said that) YOU PEOPLE let them push your buttons. Wanna piss off a conservative? No problem. Just propose a law restricting one grain of gunpowder. Liberal? Just address Bruce Gender by his DNA!

    What would scare the pants off of the Washington establishment is if they threw a protest and nobody came, but we can’t do that! We’re too busy threatening the life of some dizzy girl who exercises that nasty old first amendment right, freedom of speech! We need to all stand back, take a breath, and pull our heads out of Mr. Ass. She is one vote in Congress. Cortez is one vote. That makes two. They can’t even agree on lunch. One’s most likely a mackerel snapper and the other one is probably a goat eater. Who cares what they say? And let’s face it. Crazy as they seem, they are young enough to believe in what they say. Life will take it’s toll on them just like it does on everyone else.

    The Butcher Shop
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