Two American Soldiers Detained by Mexican Troops NORTH of the Border!


    I often get accused of oversimplification. When I first read this story I chalked it up as fake news. But, then it came back. The facts are simple. You see, there’s this river. The Rio Grande to be exact. If you are a Mexican on the south side then you are a Mexican. If you are a Mexican on the north side then you are an illegal alien, more appropriately known as a wetback. This designation stems from the fact that if you swim said river to obtain access to Texas your back will become wet, hence the name “wetback.”

    Now look at the personnel involved in this recent “misunderstanding.” They’ve seen the river, folks. They had to pass it to get into Texas. Kinda hard to miss. Illegals know EXACTLY where it is. So they find themselves foraging around Texas and what do they come across? AMERICAN SOLDIERS patrolling the AMERICAN border. Damndest thing I ever saw. So they detailed them. Now please understand these Mexican soldiers are at this point technically wetbacks. So they come into America, disarm and arrest two American soldiers. Shades of Pancho Villa!

    Eventually it all works out but those Mexican soldiers never did explain how they missed that river on the way north. I’m not going to say this is an act of war or anything like that, but I am going to say that we need to keep a closer eye on those brown folks without no GPS. VIVA ZAPATA!

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