Sex, Lies, and Body Cams


    Bill 357 died on the streets of Austin, shot execution style by Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. According to Speaker Bonnen an Open Carry Texas supporter, Chris McNutt, attacked his family with a fully automatic assault T-Shirt. Because of the danger to his family, corporate sponsors and his dog the Speaker then turned on a dime, a rather thin dime mind you, and went from supposedly supporting the second amendment to pushing gun confiscation.

    And you just THOUGHT Joe Strauss was bad. Behold the bald headed wonder! Unfortunately our good friend and patriot, CJ Grisham happened upon this DPS body cam footage which put the lie to the Speaker’s claims. What you will see here is a very civilized interaction between two members of the Department of Public Safety and the OCT member calmly discussing the bill, OCT, and the respect to the Speaker’s privacy ending with the officer offering to place the document on the Speaker’s door himself. Indeed, saying he was going to look into OCT!

    Now don’t get me wrong. Politicians will lie. But usually they do it in a way so as to give themselves an out. Like what the definition of “is” is. You have to ask yourself. If Bonnen knew the officers were there he must know that they had body cams. I mean this ain’t Arkansas, ok? And if he knows anything about OCT or CJ he must realize that in short order whatEVER was transmitted via said body cam (s) was going to become the movie of the week. And you are PAYING this guy people!

    And he stood by the story. Yep. Hey, he lied when he took office. Told us he was a Republican. Even took his kid out shooting.
    I erroneously claimed that he was born in California, but found he was from Houston, which is almost as bad, but if you will note I owned up to my mistake. I just couldn’t imagine a Texan getting caught like that.

    So the quest to read the constitution as it is written forges on. But, with the Speaker of the House lying like this, and being stupid enough to get caught flat footed, we’ll be lucky to hold onto our sling shots! Point of fact: What do you think would’ve happened if the DPS officer caught the OCT member lying to HIM? SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!

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