It’s Good To Be The King!

    PaPa Joe Greasydick


    A battle for the soul of the nation? We sure as hell are! We’ve lost so much moral ground that we’re gonna have to be nuked just to disinfect this place! And we kill more babies than Mcdonalds kills cows! Wanna substantiate atheism? AMERICA! We had a black Muslim President, almost a lesbian President, and now, oh no it’s Mr. Bill, I mean Joe Biden!

    If I fondled as many little girls as PaPa Joe I’d STILL be getting my ass whipped in Huntsville Prison. There are more #METOO little girls with Biden’s DNA on their little butts than there are singers in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

    And did you see all their faces when Joe makes a grab? Their little eyes bug out and they try to run. Old Joe just grabs ‘em by the pony tail and reins ‘em right back in for another photo op! God, but it’s good to be the king! Oh wait, he’s not a king. He’s just a Democrat.

    When when I was twenty-one, and I took it upon myself to marry a seventeen year old, I had to jump an international border and change my citizenship. Even then, to come back to Texas I had to plea bargain. The DA told me that he would see to it that my grave would not be desecrated when I returned. Oh, and I did marry a GIRL by the way. We dragged folks behind pickups back then.

    The battle for the soul of this nation began the first Tuesday in November of 2016. That’s the only reason God didn’t incinerate us right then! And it’s ongoing. Do you realize when Doc Greene was arrested for trying to do a news story at the Montrose Library’s Drag Queen Story Time, a homosexual was inside sizing up a little boy RIGHT THEN? The Apostle Claver caught him! Yep, Joe Biden’s their man! I’d like to make this article longer, but I need to trip on over to Nolan Junior High and pick out my next sister wife. Peace out!

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