Oh No! It’s Mr. Bill!


    Every now and again a democrat gets to say something sane; these days, that ain’t very often. Mostly, we just have to stick to funny, because, well, somebody has to have a sense of humor, right? Except on days like today, when the giant candidate-for- President-candidate anus re-dropped Joe Biden onto the assembly line. Now, folks, that’s just lazy.

    I know there must be no end to little presidential wanna be turds just giving that cosmic anus fits of peristalsis right now. Why, there’s the guy who couldn’t beat a booger eater in Texas, the smart girl who needs to be a cabinet member, and not the president, Corrupt Corey, and another guy whose only claim to being different is that he is gay. Of course, we already have a candidate who can win, Bernie Sanders, but no; no, we have to wipe twice for uncle Joe.

    It’s like when the last little bit of a really hard bit of crap to get rid of finally decides to drop after you’ve washed your hands, and returned to the table. You ask your date if she wouldn’t mind your returning to the bathroom, and you get that sympathetic look. Sheesh! Bad enough you have to walk like there is a piece of rebar in your pants, but then you hear the sympathetic whispers, and yes, a few titters too; crazy uncle Joe is back. What?

    The same Joe Biden who got less than one percent of the votes in Iowa in 2008? Yep. Listen, I could go on, but, like Sarah Palin, this guy’s a quitter. I don’t want to talk about his perversions any more than I want to talk about how our current president handles lady parts; instead, I want to talk about the why of this…and carp a little too.

    It’s like it must be for most republicans when Newt G. throws his hat into the ring every campaign season. America just got itself into the worst civil war its been in since, well, the Civil War. Republicans and Democrats carry out vicious attacks on one another on social media. Every site you visit is hateful. Hateful people, not contentious, not mired down in disagreement, not even partisan. Spite ridden, mean, ugly, dangerously hateful. New words like retardican, dumborat, libr’al and conservatard are now terms grace our first amendment lexicon. Great stuff for a conversation where, HELLO, both sides of the political spectrum are going to have to work together to get-r-done!

    And just how did this happen? Well, the folks who ARE getting her done set us against each other by pitting literally, and I mean literally, the two most hated people in America against each other in the last election. Yeah, hard as it may be for you to believe if you are a Trumpet, the other half hates him as much as you hate Hillary. I know, right? Now, as that one percent in Iowa proves, Joe is only slightly more likable than Hitler, or his kid sister, HillRy. Not by much though. You see, I’d really like to vote this time around, if they’ll let me, they threw out my last vote because I signed with the wrong color ink, and so would lots of us Dems. We were unable to for the last ten years, because we figured that if we couldn’t get a real democrat, then we ought to get the guy who would almost certainly pull down most of what Hillary had accomplished under Obama. Boy were we right too! That guy has made such a mess that we will HAVE to elect a grown up; which uncle Joe ain’t.

    Here’s a clue, he sits at the kid’s table every holiday. Not enough, ok, how about this, he’s already been Vice President, and he sucked at that!

    If Joe Biden were elected President, it would only be by the same mechanism that gave us Donald Trump. Republicans will stay home. Not the Trumpets of course, but I’m not stupid enough to believe every republican is a Trumpet; heck I know a lot of republicans hate the guy…but they don’t trust the dems either. Nothing I can do about that folks, by and large, neither do I. I do, however trust Bernie Sanders to be Bernie Sanders, in much the same way we all expect Trump to be Trump.

    I know Bernie will at least try to fix health care, not for just we the democrats, but for republicans and independents too. I know Bernie will at least try to raise American education in the world ranks again. I know that if Bernie were president, I would not be reading stories about how Social Security and Medicare are being trimmed almost every week, like I am now, but Joe…IF uncle Joe gets in; well that’s another four years of what we’ve been getting ever since Reagan started asking “How much better off are you than you were four years ago?”

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