C’mon People Now, Smile On Your Brother


    It’s been a rollicking four years. People often ask me how I come up with ideas for articles every day. I ask them how do they not? How can you not relate to the universe in a clear and vocal way.

    Each year I scan past works to find five of the most interesting, not necessarily the most read pieces. I string ‘em in a compilation, much like my Saturday article, and put it out there. I switched one this year. I removed “America Lost” because we now have President Trump, and I think he’s gonna buy us a few more years.

    Another reason for replacing it with “The Unanswered Door” was that I noticed the other four articles had a common thread. They addressed the human condition. Don’t kill babies, a little boy trying to walk back to Texas, a little girl struggling with diabetes, an old soldier feeding his little dog chicken wings on his death bed, a little boy knocking on a door that’ll never be answered. Things that even the most liberal or conservative can agree on.

    And we need to start agreeing, folks. This country has been divided for far two long. At each other’s throats while the mainstream media stokes the fire, doubting our abilities, our individuality, our very lives, as charlatans run for office, sexually confused people act like pillars of the community and instead of serving and protecting us our police shoot everything darker than them.

    But these five articles don’t address any of that. They reach down into the pit of your being and pull out a tear. They remind you of simple truths we all hold to. And if we can just agree on those things then Sgt Tarajos’s last words will come to pass. The Best Is Yet To Come!

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