It’s Called The Tea Party


    I use literary barbs to spark debate, but I honestly don’t hate anyone. I expect feminists to clean my plow when I go all misogynistic, but, although it will anger them, I will still hold the door for them.

    I hold conservative views, but am open to new ideas. Who you screw or what you stew makes no difference to me. And yes, I made a Texas slur on Mexicans the other day. One gentleman who took me to task pointed out a simple fact that I subscribe to. Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans are all NORTH Americans. We ARE our brothers’ keeper and if our noses weren’t so big the cartels wouldn’t be so rich.

    We don’t need to respect our borders as much as we need to respect each other’s sovereignty. There is no reason Maria Lopez cannot commute from Nuevo Laredo to Laredo and work in a Walmart there. Everyone acts like it’s news that people slip across the border all the time to find work. PEOPLE! That’s not news! If it were then why does every convenience store in Texas have services to send money BACK to Mexico? That’s because that’s where Mamasita and the bambinos are and THAT’S why he’s up here working in the first place!

    Fact is, if you don’t a feather in your hair you either are or are descended from immigrants! You can’t have a third world country butted up against a superpower separated by a barb wire fence. And walls? Give me a break. Now, I’m from Texas, ok? Build the wall! Ok, build it. And then stand back in snake amazement when the first twelve year old Mexican girl goes right over the top!

    As long as the political royalty keeps us at each other’s throat there will never be medical care, tax relief, or constitutional ANYTHING! Trump gets away with bloody murder. So does Hillary, and God knows Ted Kennedy! It’s good to be the king!

    We have oh, about one school shooting a month. No representative on either side of the isle has proposed a solution for that. It’s being shown that marijuana has properties that relieve many conditions, yet it is still against federal law. Rental assistance is still pulled if the woman has a man living in the house. I could go on and on, and on but concerning these situations most of us would agree that the government has failed us.

    If we all were to stand up you would see mass suicide in Washington. If we were to all stand behind real progress the government would declare martial law because the powers that be world lose their power. And then We The People would sit in Congress and your children and grandchildren might just have a future!

    (It’s called The Tea Party!)

    The Butcher Shop
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