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    In my opinion, this is what online groups are all about. Open, civilized discussion of hot button topics. But, I taught my publishing group, The Butcher Shop, a valuable lesson about political discussion. When I was shown to be in error on the Uranium One transaction, I conceded. I didn’t become angry. I didn’t insult the young lady who called me out. I didn’t change the subject, or insult President Obama. I just said, “Touché!”

    She made an excellent point and cleared up a bit of propaganda that was perpetuated by people with agendas. And they all have agendas! If you will note, I published a piece last night concerning the President’s remarks in Wisconsin.

    Brother Theo and I were actually having a tele-conference at the time this hit the wire. I remarked, “That’s f#%king stupid!”

    To which he said, “Oh my! Did you just call your hero stupid?”

    Well, yes! Singling out the governor of Wisconsin, making him look like some kind of child murderer was either a lie, or a perverse twist of language. It is already homicide in that state to kill a human being ie a viable person born and breathing air. We can discuss conception later, let’s just keep it to what we all agree on right now. Babies are people, Grandma is people. The governor was going to veto, kill that bill because it was redundant. Like Luka Brasi’s lame brained recitation to The Godfather, “I am honored to be invited to your daughter’s wedding on the day of your daughter’s wedding.” They didn’t NEED a new law. Doctors are already charged to preserve life! That was a Republican publicity stunt.

    Our information systems have long ago been reduced to the sound bite, the video clip, and God forbid, the Facebook post. People don’t think, read past the headlines, or reason anymore. We have an entire generation, the Millennials, who didn’t take civics in high school. I did. I went to high school in the ‘60s. In Texas! We were all proud liberal Democrats, standing firm with Lyndon Johnson. Imagine that!

    Politics have become a dog and pony show. Actually it always has been, but lately the ponies have been charging in to the crowd, and the dogs bite! It’s not supposed to be that way. We are supposed to have two vibrant sides of the isle. It has never been equally divided. One party or the other has always held the advantage. Only we expected our representatives to listen, think, and THEN vote. They were SUPPOSED to find solutions. They were SUPPOSED to compromise. They were SUPPOSED to come up with answers for the greater good of all, and that’s not socialism, it’s called a republic! We are not a true democracy. A democracy is where two wolves and a sheep decide what’s for dinner. We have a representative form of government, but we are not represented when our representatives are charging at windmills all day, or our President is being “f#%king stupid!”

    We are not addressing major issues right now. Oh, we’re complaining about them, but we’re not addressing them! Health Care, Education, Employment; things that matter to the man (or woman) on the street. We’re bogged down debating the childish ramblings of a freshman congresswoman who thinks she can save the world one martini at a time, or some group down on the border that thinks it’s perfectly fine to run around waving guns at everyone darker than them! Or convoluted statements designed to rile up a crowd in Wisconsin.

    While MAGA is now a four letter word, America is not! When Congress convenes job one on both sides of the isle should be to secure the safety and prosperity of America FIRST! We can save the world later. If one child in Harlem or Appalachia goes to bed hungry tonight we have failed as a nation, and I don’t care which side of the isle you sit on. We CAN find solutions.

    Health Care. Doctors are always looking for tax breaks. Set up clinics for all. You can use them, or not, your choice. You won’t be forced to. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. But, any doctor at any time can donate his or her services to the clinic and will be allowed a tax deduction comparable to the amount they would receive at the hospital. Doctor gets a tax break, Aunt Edna gets her pacemaker. How do you manage it? Use the Medicare software. If you were to make Medicare available to all, the ones who took advantage of it would be upper middle aged to the elderly (who are probably already there) and frankly, twenty year olds don’t run to the clinic for a cold, old folks do!

    Education. Simple. Get some educated teachers and start teaching school again. Back in the day, in that civics class I told you about, my teacher, Mr. Cole, taught us both theories of government, Democrat and Republican. Then he let us draw our own conclusions. If you will note Texas in our generation swung Republican. Mr. Cole was a very liberal Democrat, but more than that, he was a teacher. He molded our minds, he didn’t chicken fry them!

    Employment. There is no reason every able-bodied person in the United States who wants to better their life cannot find work should they so choose. I know, I know, those lazy bums on welfare. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” There will always be unmotivated people among your ranks, but we can’t just starve ‘em out. My boyhood hero, Lyndon Johnson, created what he called, The Great Society!” Now, we’re converging on the third generation of that society. And Detroit is in shambles. For the greatest automotive center the world had ever known to be reduced to that is an abomination, and don’t tell me that given the choice of a comfortable life or welfare a young man or woman will choose the projects because I grew up in the projects, but I didn’t STAY there!

    But, we won’t solve these problems by attacking, demeaning, and disrespecting each other. We will solve them by intelligent debate, compromise, and a firm vision of where we ALL want to be. When Aunt Edna walks into that clinic, when little Sissy can freely say she likes the President, when that young man or woman in Detroit brings home that first paycheck, America WILL be great, not “Again” because GREAT has always been there. We could have seen it if we’d only looked, and we’ll all be a lot better off for it!

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