Liar Of The House


    Friends and neighbors of District 25,

    Many of you have personally called me to express your concerns about the fringe RINO politician who was selected as speaker who has been knocking on doors in your neighborhood every two years with empty promises and lies. Kim, the boys and Dennis are doing just fine handling their dishonesty, and they appreciate your checking in to ensure their consciences aren’t eating them alive. This individual — who has been lying to his district for years — is making a continuous effort to manufacture excuses the kill legislation that would allow law abiding citizens — not criminals — to carry a gun without a license and proper safety training. You know, like claiming that an unarmed activist was brandishing his gun. While he is well within his rights to drop hypocritical flyers and knock on doors begging for money and votes, I realize that it can be bothersome, and I apologize for the concerns it has created.

    The campaign that is dispatching his supporters to your doorsteps has a lengthy track record of using lies and manipulation to push his anti-gun agenda in our Capitol, and since that hasn’t worked, he’s attempting to turn up the pressure by targeting your friends and neighbors. When he was selected by his colleagues to become Speaker, not once did he envision this level of targeted accountability — including exposing his lying to his constituents — would happen as a result. These sort of tactics by dishonest politicians are not healthy for our democracy — they only discourage good people from getting involved in their government — which is why he got elected (all the good ones were scared off and he was a last ditch resort).

    The politician knocking on your doors is associated with a number of fringe political parties, currently claiming to be a republican, including one that made constitutional carry the number one Legislative priority.

    As evidenced by his bogus A-rating with the NRA, he has always fought to trick you into thinking he will strengthen the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans. He is pushing the lie that constitutional carry legislation threatens the safety of your communities and makes it near impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between law abiding gun owners and criminals, despite law enforcement having no problem with unlicensed carry in 36 states, 16 of which have the same laws gun rights activists are fighting for. Even the author of this bill withdrew his request to move it forward after Bonnen threatened to kill his other bills that were moving through the legislature and not one Senator was willing to file it in the upper chamber because the Senate is just as spineless as Bonnen. Never mind Bonnen forced that legislator to issue that statement under threat of retribution, though he pushed for a much stronger one than Stickland provided. His lieutenant, Poncho Nevarez even demanded that gun rights activists had to literally crawl on their hands and knees begging for forgiveness to get a hearing. Bonnen is making it clearer than ever that his A-rating is bogus by calling constitutional carry “bad policy” publicly.

    His party under his leadership is slowly chipping away at our strong 2nd Amendment protections and he won’t stop until Texans have to beg government to even buy bullets or get special permission to buy a gun.

    While he doubles down on setting back the entire 2nd Amendment movement for the future, he will continue to fight the kill legislation that PROTECTS your community and STRENGTHENS the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans in a productive and positive way.

    I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend.

    CJ Grisham

    The Butcher Shop
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