Type It Up In Braille


    Julian Assange is freedom of the press, typed in Braille, and stuck up the government (s) asses! Have you noticed that none of the government royal family ever goes to jail? I’ve been watching this. Hillary can kill boyfriends by the six pack. Trump can lie like a Persian rug. That Kraut over there running Germany can make every Muslim on the planet an honorary citizen. It almost makes Putin look like the straight guy, and HE poisons people in a pub in England!

    But JULIAN? Oh my LIVING God! Catches them with their pants down, constructing a war in order to steal oil we don’t even need, and it’s Katie bar the door. He just got fifty weeks in jail for jumping bail, which is about what he’d have gotten for non-payment of child support in Texas, and the government here is sparing no expense trying to get him here. Sheesh! They didn’t spend this much money when they shot Kennedy!

    Now Trump wants to start a state news agency to balance CNN. We already HAVE a state news agency. It’s called Fox! They are sodomizing the first amendment. What do you peckerwoods think is gonna happen when they get to the second? They CAN count to two, you know.

    All is fair in love, war, and journalism. When a CPS officer accused me of libel, slander, and all those other things the illiterate throw out there when confronted by someone like me, I told her that I didn’t HAVE to have any facts. I’m an op/ed journalist. All I have to do is string about six hundred words of innuendo together, and feed them to the lions. If you don’t want me to insinuate that you’re screwing little girls perhaps you should stop SCREWING LITTLE GIRLS!

    So, the stage is set. Julian is packing it in their kazoo. I’ll admit he didn’t look too cool getting dragged out of that embassy, but after a good night’s rest and a spot of tea it’s game on. Whatever happened to his cat? I digress. Anyway, don’t believe anything you read in the papers. Not even me! It’s all money, marbles and chalk. The only thing I have on Julian is the Ecuadorians said they evicted him because he was nasty. When the Mexicans pitch you in the street for being nasty that’s a loud statement. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I just said that. It’s called “journalism!”

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