No Mo’ Cussin!


    There is a serious attempt to stifle freedom of speech in this country. Free thought is on the table, too. I find it absolutely amazing that people who label themselves as “liberal” are not open in their consideration of ideas. And forget open forum. The political identity of the nation has been reduced to red baseball caps and memes.

    I’m cool with that. Unbeknownst to most of the population, I am a disciple of Christopher Hitchens. What that boils down to is I can manipulate the English language. In fact, I’m quite clever. I just don’t show it much because when I do I find myself talking over the heads of the majority party in Congress.

    So the Lord Of The Rings said they can’t be no mo’ cussin’. And, back in Nashville I made my bones cussin’. My country album, “Weird Wilbur Rides Again” was so nasty that even flies departed for cleaner air. But, we are in a new era. As social media redefines four letter words, erases vast parts of the constitution, and ignores all science and philosophy, as journalists we have to dodge the eggshells and sneak the truth in with cleverly designed prose, much like John in Patmos.

    Oh, I can crawfish when it comes to mealy mouth journalism. I don’t like it, but I can double talk with the best of ‘em. Check this out.

    And if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black I ain’t a white boy from Austin. But, you know what the real problem is? Whenever you restrain freedom of speech, nothing gets said. It only goes to follow that if nothing gets said then nothing gets done. There will never be a solution to the border issue when even the word “wall” becomes targeted by social media algorithms as a four letter word.

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