When It Comes Down To One Little Girl


    She rubbed his head. Looking into the distance she spoke, “John, if you were in a battle with one of your creatures, and you were God, how would you defeat the creature. I mean, if the creature took everything from you?”

    “If I were God, how could everything be taken from me?”

    “Remember the story I told the children yesterday? Well, suppose you were God, and you and the Angel of Light were having a debate, Ok? Now, the Angel of Light was very beautiful, and very smart, and he was really beginning to suppose that he was almost as great as the Creator, if not his equal. Now, you’re God. You know to judge any debate you must have a third party. Says that in the Bible.”

    “Yes, two or more witnesses. Yes, I suppose it does.”

    “All right. So you create man. Man, and woman are the two witnesses. Now, you’re God, so you know that your creation will give you a fair shake. Only it doesn’t go that way. The woman chooses for the Angel of Light. So he goes up to God, and he says, ‘See! The man, and woman choose me! You loose God! And do you know what God did?”

    John sat up, and turned to see her eyes. “What did he do, Sharon?”

    “He said, ‘Ok, you take the man. You take the woman. You take my beautiful world. They are yours. You have won them. And do you know why he did that, John?”


    “Because he’s just! God won’t break his word, even when it hurts. And it hurt God for man to side with his adversary. So anyway, you want to win this debate. Now, you’re God, and you could, if you wanted to, just slap that angel and tell him to shut up, only that wouldn’t prove a thing, would it? The angel would just say, ‘Hey! You’re God. So you’re bigger than me, and you just beat me up.

    So, instead you pick a nation. A chosen people. And you begin to purify it. You work for years, and you bring it down from a nation to one tribe, to one village, family, down to one little girl. One very pure, very special little girl. You sanctify her by coming into the world through her body. She is as perfect as the first woman you created, only she does the job right! She stays pure! What better match for the adversary that another one of your creatures? The perfect challenger. A sinless, humble little girl, carrying redemption in her womb. She had to be sinless, John. She had a job to do. And she’s doing it today. She was sent to crush the head of the serpent.”

    “But the Bible says that all have sinned.”

    “It has taken man almost two thousand years to realize who Mary is, and still man is a little short of the mark. He tries to understand God, but first he needs to understand this one very special little girl who gave you God made flesh!

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