Burrs and Triggers


    There are several burrs under my saddle this morning. Little things that people see and hear all the time, and take for granted. There are two kinds of triggers. Those that make you mad, and those that make you accept. Both require a certain amount of mental preparation, but the mainstream media takes care of that. As the daily dose of propaganda meditates you, you begin to think of certain positions as true. Your mindset is already in place when these triggers are pulled. Well it’s all fertilizer, and people are like flies, congregating near their odor of choice.

    The first is polls! Do not believe any poll you see. We tend to think that the pollsters hang out on a street corner just outside of Radio City Music Hall asking questions of anyone who will answer. Au Contrairé! If it’s CNN they poll students at the University of Texas. You know that place. Where students believe Martin Luther King, Jr. freed the slaves! Yeah, THOSE kids. If it’s Fox News, aw shucks, they just poll the president’s family. This was displayed wonderfully in 2016 when the polls were more skewed than a bullfrog race in Okalla, Texas. If the Russians hadn’t taken over that night we’d STILL not know the outcome.

    Then statements like, “According to the experts” or “Most scholars agree.” From which bar? Most scholars agree that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, rather than the usual Bethlehem site, while according to the experts He wasn’t born at all. This is a lot like polls. It all depends on which drunks are involved. Experts agree that a comet killed off the dinosaurs while biblical scholars think that Noah just didn’t let them on the ark. The penguins swimming up from Antartica took up too much room. And now let’s take a closer look at experts and scholars.

    Professor giving class at the blackboard

    If you watch National Geographic or The Smithsonian Channel concerning archaeology you will invariably run across what I call the archaeological hottie. This is no accident. They pay her for this folks. While most real archaeologists look a bit like Mother Theresa, there will be a kid who looks like she should be on Bay Watch, only she’s in jeans, with her top button on her blouse conveniently loose, and she is always squatting, squatting mind you, with this little tack hammer in her hand examining some rock that she claims came from Mars! Verily, verily I say unto you that this chick don’t exist. She’s an attention getter. Hey, she gets MY attention every time. And she’s one of scholars who “mostly agree.” So there!

    Any statement made after any state of the Union address by any news service. If the president, ANY president were to go up there and just say, “It’s all good,” and went right back to the White House all the mainstream media would count the letters and micro-analyze that statement for hours. And of course there would have to be an investigation to see just how the speech was written, what exactly did “good” really mean? Good for one party or the other, and of course a supporting poll to verify the opinions of whichever cackle babble head in the box is expounding said opinion at the time. See rule number one up there.

    “This might be disturbing for some viewers.” We’ve all heard it. Loosely translated that means WATCH! And it’s almost always some cop shooting some idiot who won’t show his hands. Hey! I have an Idea. Why don’t we train cops to shoot people in the hands? After watching the Twin Towers fall, the Zapruder film and all those terrible abortion ultra-sounds do they really think we can be “disturbed?” The American conscience is so disturbed that it can’t be disturbed! We’re the sickest pricks on the planet. Please replace that phrase with, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

    The View! This ripoff of “The Golden Girls” irritates me to no end. As they dance around the issues, not settling on anything, I find myself channel surfing, looking for an archeological hottie. There are no hotties on The View. The VIEW? Nothing to “view” here folks. Just move along. If you take The View, warn the viewers that something that might be disturbing, substantiate it with a couple of polls delivered by that cute archeologists with a button loose and a necklace made from a mummy’s teeth, then you will very quickly understand why the Russians didn’t HAVE to hack our elections.

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