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    I’m curious about the cases of immigrants seeking Asylum in the United States.

    I was just reading 8 U.S. Code 1158 Asylum and I have come to the conclusion that Lawyers and Congressmen should take a course in How To Write A Short Story.

    I read through the document twice and I still don’t understand what is being said. In the first sentence it states that anyone who is physically present in the United States whether or not they came into the U.S. at a legal Port of Entry or was interdicted(arrested or picked up in U.S. Waters) can apply for Asylum.

    The only reason that I can see for the wording of this sentence is to allow aliens to enter our Great Country wherever and whenever they want, but they have to file for asylum within one year. Most of them could care less about asylum unless they get caught.

    Why the long length of time and why not specify a Port Of Entry? If those that wrote this could or would think about what they are saying, or maybe they did. I don’t think that we would have as large of a problem as we have at the border. We could catch and put them on the next bus to Mexico. No courts would need to be involved, which would save time and Taxpayer Dollars.

    In conclusion Those responsible for writing the laws are the ones responsible for many of our problems because the laws are written so that most people can’t understand what they are reading.

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