Constitutional Carry

    What part of “constitutional” do they not understand?


    Let’s consider constitutional carry. First, let’s examine the phrase “constitutional carry.” Simply put that means the constitution says citizens can carry protection. It doesn’t say, “Mother May I,” it doesn’t say pay for the privilege, it doesn’t say not here, only there, it says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!

    It is an oxymoron that a government claiming to be trying to protect its citizens can bless something such as Planned Parenthood via Roe v Wade and kill fifty-six million babies. It is an abomination that a home owner should even have to even consider the legal ramifications of defending him (or her) self from a crazed drug addict kicking in the door.

    The constitution is the law of the land. In several places in the document it references “the people.” I’m a people, and I’m sure most of you are, too. I’m a member of several writing groups, I’m a Catholic, and sometimes I’m a husband, though I am rather spotty in keeping vows. But, at the core I’m a people. So in essence the constitution says my right to own and carry a gun is not to be meddled with by anyone such as Dennis Bonnen.

    If I were to walk into the Senate chamber with a .38 special in one hand, and a copy of the constitution in the other I would be shot. Basically that would be treason. To be shot by people sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the very document clutched in my dead, bloody hand is treason.

    “But,” you may say, “such an act would be outrageous!” With all the mass shootings that we have people have become hyper-sensitive to such things. But, I say if more people carried, if that were the norm, how many mass shootings would we have then?

    Charles Whitman’s head was not kept down by police alone, but by Texans with old fashioned, bolt action deer rifles, and he was damn lucky one of them didn’t tag him. They hit deer all the time! The church shooter in south Texas was not stopped by a police officer, but by an armed citizen. . An armed society is a polite society. Yippee Kia Yay, Cow Paddie!

    People like Bonnen make “constitutional” seem like a four letter word. Like something we have to bow and scrape for. It’s not! It’s the law of the land and shouldn’t even be called into question. God gave us that right. Just like He gave antelope horns, snakes fangs, and wolves cunning.

    Man by his intelligence has made all men and women equal with a simple device that cancels out size, or speed, or sociopathy. Any small frame girl can stop a Dallas Cowboy linebacker in his tracks.

    When you are hiding under a table as some maniac shoots every pretty girl in the head you won’t be worried about some comma, or what the definition of “people” is. You’ll be worried about your ass!

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    1. "To be shot by people sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the very document clutched in my dead, bloody hand is treason."
      No, it's not. It may be murder, or more likely self-defense since you have the weapon in y our hand, but it is not Treason. Treason is defined by the U.S. Constitution as "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." Article 3 Section 3, U.S. Const. Otherwise, thumbs up for your article.