A Ford and a Chevy to Last Ten Years


    I rarely worked where someone measured my hours and told me how much my life was worth. About the only reason I did was to get health insurance. That was before ObamaCare when health insurance was beyond the reach of middle America.

    I am a capitalist. I would work on a project for years with little or no return in the hope that something would grow and the desert would bloom. Sometimes it did, sometimes I packed sand.

    If you listen to Bernie Sanders, capitalism is the most evil design in the world. And sometimes it is. Although I cringe at wealth distribution, I draw back even more at businessmen who approach capitalism solely for achieving wealth. What they are producing has no other purpose other than lining their pockets. Employees’ health, the customer’s satisfaction, the very product itself never comes into play in the boardroom as they plot their next big thing.

    The enthusiasm of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is long gone as the likes of Mark Zuckerberg fill the void and give us absolutely nothing while demanding that we buy into everything they have to offer. Alas, even Apple, the Pirate of Silicon Valley has fallen to the tangled maze of corruption. And it fell when the first iPhone came out of China.

    My friend, Roger, has put together a little article and found a documentary on this, and I think you should watch it. Look, we all love America, but don’t you think we could make a Ford and a Chevy to last ten years like they should!


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