Bubbles In My Beer


    I had an epiphany last night. Brother Theo and I were talking about the origins of the universe, time, life, death, GOD, you know, beer talk, and I made an observation. Before me I had this tall glass of beer. As I watched as the bubbles rose from the bottom of the glass, growing larger, going faster as they approached the top, something dawned on me! Since galaxies are basically in the same configuration as atoms, in fact there seems to be a pattern in creation from top to bottom, as defined by the “6.18” theory, what if those bubbles in the beer were actually parallel universes? Universes going through time and space, side by side, evolving, changing, headed steadily toward to top of the glass where they explode into eternity only to be replaced by other newer universes coming up from the bottom!

    Then I considered time. While it took but a brief moment for the bubbles to rise to the top of the glass in my beer universe, could it be that it took billions of bubble years to complete the trip? And during that passage, within each bubble, galaxies are born and die, solar systems condense around their “sun,” planets cool, life evolves again and again, and man appears. And man looks up at the stars, contemplating his existence. Wondering where it all began, where it’s all going, as his universe rises to the top of the glass ever faster.

    We never realize how fruitless it is to try to understand the mind of God. As it is said, there are more things in heaven and on earth than you can possibly imagine. As we theorize, “prophesize”, and hypothesize our bubble continues to head for the top of the glass at an ever increasing rate to eventually burst free . . . to what? DAMN! That was a good glass of beer!

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