Trump Is No “Money Dummy”, He Never Has Been, He Never Will Be


IF Donald Trump were simply going to “mortgage the farm” to massively rebuild our infrastructure to the tune of TWO TRILLION DOLLARS, well, that WOULDN’T make a lot of “economic sense”, to economists or regular Americans alike. But WHAT IF Trump had already been working a genius PLAN, a plan to STICK IT TO the BIGGEST CRIMINAL CABAL OF ALL (for all Americans), in essence FORCING THE CRIMINALS to pay for all of it. Read on.

It is just a plain, simple FACT that most Americans DO NOT KNOW everything Trump knows, what he’s thinking about secretly or planning to do, quietly. But anyone COULD have known, at least the most interesting and amazing PART of the Trump team’s “grand plan”, had they been cluing in via Q’s posts since November of 2017, like SOME of us have been doing. Why? Because Trump thinks outside the box, like really smart people DO. The man has actually been sharing a LOT OF INFORMATION with those of us willing to be open-minded (until we were thoroughly convinced) that the Q posts were legit, and directly tied to Trump himself and his team.

THE SHORT VERSION OF TRUMP’S/THE DIA’S MASSIVE “STING” PLAN: The Fed is unconstitutional (since day ONE), it’s illegal and it’s privately owned and controlled by greedy bankers who cheat us and steal from ALL American taxpayers and workers (since day ONE). The Fed was GOING TO raise interest rates and CRASH our economy (which also would have crashed Trump’s biggest insurance policy of being re-elected). Those who run/own the Fed, they’re part of the global elite who’ve been aiming to take down and then take over America…they WANT their New World Global Order. But Trump snuck up on the ENTIRE establishment swamp…the politicians, the bureaucrats, the manipulative billionaires AND the Fed. They did NOT see him as a serious threat or really see him coming until it was too late. Since taking office, Trump has used EVERY TOOL and EVERY TACTIC available to him (he KNEW all the games and manipulations used BY the Fed to move an economy UP, or DOWN) to crazy-fast boost our economy (including calling in favors from and recruiting Wall Street BIG-WIGS to HELP). It worked, and it’s still working. The Fed wanted to raise interest rates ANYWAY, so Trump went public, bigly and he kept asking, “WHY does the Fed want to raise or mess with interest rates when the American economy is BOOMING?! We’re not seeing high inflation so we don’t NEED to raise interest rates.” Trump going so public, so often worked; they backed off almost immediately. Why? They’re SCARED that Trump will EXPOSE everything they’ve done (breaking rules and laws for years) by pushing for an AUDIT of their books. So, they’ve simply shut up about increasing interest rates, and Trump is in main control of the U.S. economy, for the first time a President has been in control of our economy in a LONG TIME and NOT the privately held, used-to-being-in-control Federal Reserve Bank.

So what’s really going on and why? Why would Trump mess with the Fed, send them a strong message, shut them down and shut them up WHILE going all hog-wild ROGUE by PUSHING hard for a MASSIVE SPENDING infrastructure boost and revamping? It’s as SIMPLE as pie, folks. The Dems WILL work with Trump on this, they’ll gladly SPEND and BUILD and try to take CREDIT for all the new shiny better stuff come election time. Are you still with me? Now, ALL of that money will have to be appropriated (approved) by votes in the House and the Senate. It will have to be BORROWED by our government, FROM the Federal Reserve Bank…TRILLIONS of dollars! So IF the House and Senate (the R’s control it and enough MIGHT not vote for spending THAT MUCH stinkin’ $$$$) pass the bill, Trump is going to rebuild everything he CAN! But here’s the CATCH you’ve been waiting for…later on, Trump is going to PUSH FOR and DEMAND an audit of the Fed’s books, saying they’re “crooked” and “no good”. When he does and it happens, they’ll be found to be as crooked as a dog’s hind LEG…having been manipulating our economy, laundering money and stealing from all American workers and taxpayers FOR DECADES! Then the Fed will be SHUT DOWN…and…THEY aren’t going to get A DIME of their ill-gotten money BACK from the government (US) either! We’ll have a BRAND NEW INFRASTRUCTURE FOR AMERICA, courtesy of the greedy, manipulative, been-ripping-us-all-off-forever, fat-cat BANKERS! That’s a FACT, Jack, (and Jill).

Now, instead of laughing, poo-pooing, snickering, IMMEDIATELY DOUBTING or otherwise DISMISSING this idea, this plan, this explanation of what IS PLANNED and WHY, entertain it, gel on it awhile, give it a chance, keep an open mind. Would it help you if I mentioned that study after study has shown, beyond any doubt, that people who ARE open to “conspiracy sounding” theories and ideas are MUCH SMARTER people than the average public? It is absolutely TRUE. And Donald J. Trump is way above average intelligence himself. They never saw him coming, they never IMAGINED Trump and the DIA would hatch such a brilliant military plan that was so adaptable, flexible, and covered all the bases and contingencies…for TAKING DOWN the Deep State bureaucrats, the crooked politicians and the MONEY MACHINE central bank that has been driving, bribing, corrupting and, in essence, controlling our government FAR TOO MUCH!

Trump promised us in the first 7 minutes of his Inaugural Address that a NEW ERA was beginning, right then, and that POWER OVER our government would be TAKEN FROM the ruling class elite and RESTORED TO We the People. Go watch him talking about it (as serious as a heart attack he was) on YouTube. Has ANY President EVER talked like that in ANY inaugural speech? NO! (Do some research.) So what exactly do YOU think Trump meant when he said all of that, smart patriot who is open-minded? IF you really want to KNOW, check out the Q posts, it’s that simple. There are several YouTube channels that cover them very well; I particularly like and respect the “X22Report” channel. Give it a shot, SEE FOR YOURSELF if the guy doesn’t make A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE explaining what’s going on in our government, and what Trump & Co. are up to behind the scenes.

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