Left and Right

    As Far Apart as East From West


    Every day we read or hear the words Left or Right. We learn about them in school, in the news, at work and just in daily life.

    The problem with Left is that it always is a negative. It started with me when I being left-handed broke my left arm in first grade. I went to school and my teacher tried to change me to right-handed. If you are left-handed you know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you are right-handed try to imagine that you can’t use your right hand. The first thing that you notice is that everything that you do is the opposite. The majority of power tools are made for use by right-handed people. Almost everything that we use in life is designed for right-handed people. Scissors, cups, measuring cups and yes even pencils and pens (yes even pens and pencils). The list goes on.

    In Politics Republican is Right and Democrat is Left. Think about it people. Left-handed people adjust daily to adapt to the ways of the right everything that they do and use from scissors, to power tools to writing(yes I said writing) imagine reading and writing from right to left, which would be the most comfortable way for those that are left-handed.

    Today we are faced with decisions that are made by our elected officials and instead of adjusting for the betterment of the people that elected them. First of all we have to balance the budget. Most of us who work and support a family know that we can only spend as much as we make and no more. We also know that we need to make enough to pay the bills. If we spend more than we make we either need to make more money or cut back on our spending. I wish that our elected officials could understand that even though they don’t see the money, a budget should be their top priority. How can we remain a powerful nation if we remain prisoner to those that we borrowed money from, just like we the people are prisoners to our debt collectors until the debts are paid. Right vs Left again.

    The next hi-priority problem that we face in our great country today is immigration. Our immigration program is broken and it needs to be fixed, we need to stop illegal immigration. I’m all for legal immigration. Our country was built by immigrants. To stop this we either need to build a wall or both the left and right need to communicate and work together to find a remedy to this problem instead of acting like sheep. In a herd of sheep the shepherd places a bell on the sheep that is the leader and the others follow. To keep the Lead Sheep on track the shepherd uses dogs to help control the sheep. Right now we have the bells on numerous leaders but we have no dogs to keep them in line, which as we can see has evolved into Sanctuary Cities and millions of immigrants living in the shadows, afraid to go places or do anything in fear of being caught and deported (which to me is like moving into a prison in the name of freedom). Right vs Left.

    Third let’s talk about the taxes paid by legal immigrants and citizens of the United States. We pay our taxes to allow our elected officials to pay the bills accumulated by the government to support our Great Country.
    First off I don’t think that the tax laws are fair. I have been doing math since elementary school and I have never been able to understand the equation $0 + $0 = REFUND. I’m for a straight tax system where businesses and residents of the United States pay the same percent of their income in tax. I’m talking everyone pays taxes. Businesses, welfare recipients, everyone that receives income in the United States. Forget the write-offs taken by the businesses and the affluent (they make the rules because they have deep pockets). I’m sure that some of the big bucks we pay to our elected officials could be used to calculate the benefits to the public if they weren’t in the Deep Pockets of the Affluent (It’s a proven fact that elected officials in Washington D.C. Leave with more than when they were elected). Again Right vs Left

    I know that I have bounced around today but think. If you don’t have a remedy for a problem or at least try something you are just one of the Sheep being herded by the Affluent. Think about it. We make Right and Left work for us everyday. Most all of us use both of our hands everyday to do most everything from washing our face to driving our car. We use both our right and left legs and feet to walk. If we are unable to do things on our own without using right and left together, how can we expect our elected officials to get anything accomplished without using Left And Right,

    The Butcher Shop
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