Better Luck Next Time

    The Rise and Fall of a Nation


    What will you give for your life? John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what. . .” What will you give? Don’t you care for your country? Your children? Your family? Where are your loyalties? To people trying to rush your borders, and taking everything that you’ve worked for, everything you’ve wanted to leave to your children, your grandchildren? Don’t you owe them more than the invaders now crowding our borders?

    As you watch the videos of poor migrant children crying, picture this. Your children crying. As they struggle to live in the world that you bequeathed them. A world with no rule of law, a world where wages mean nothing, a world of disease, and violence . . . a world of bastards!

    And this isn’t racism! Americans are Americans and foreigners are foreigners and that is that! There is no middle ground. You cannot be just a little bit pregnant. Sure, everyone wants to come to the United States. Sure they want steak, and cable, and a house on the hill. Then why didn’t they fix that back home. We fought, and fight for our liberty, why don’t they fight for theirs?

    Because they are lazy. Much easier to impose on a benevolent nation with a confused congress than address an issue back home. What’s the end game? Everyone comes to America and leave one dictator and his sister in law in the old country? Then what will they do? Wave the flag of the country that they just fled. Bitch! You just LEFT there!

    We are not our brothers’ keeper. We’re really not. Stop worrying about the hard times in San Salvador. Worry about your children. Worry about yourself. You will be feeding them, you know. With your social security check. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear about a reduction in social security, yet not a day goes by that I don’t hear something about the poor migrants longing for America. They can’t even spell the word.

    History will show that we were a depraved nation with sexual deviants, child sacrifice, and a loss of national identity. History will show that while we counted beans that we were overcome by a foreign entity. History will show that we’re no better than the rest. Better luck next time.

    The Butcher Shop
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