The Making of a Pedophile

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    The Making of a Pedophile

    Not guilty in the eyes of the law does not mean innocent. It means the guilt could not be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. It means twelve men and women, good and strong, could not come to an agreement based on the evidence shown in court.

    You’ve all seen it. It doesn’t matter if you saw it on “Law and Order” or in an actual trial. The theatrical presentations (If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit) the judge telling the jury to unhear something that they just heard, or the accused sitting there in the orange jumpsuit.

    Beside murder, about the worse charge that can be leveled on someone is pedophilia. Even worse than rape. In murder, especially in Texas, the victim might have needed killing. Rape of a grown woman? How did it happen! Why did she drink with the man in the first place? There is always an angle. But the abuse of a child? No defense. And, sadly, in a lot of cases no evidence, other than a simple statement that someone touched someone “there!”

    So you end up with emotional testimony, little girls crying on the stand, and prosecutors performing better misdirection than Penn and Teller. Tugging at the heartstrings of the jury, fathers, mothers, grandparents, who see their own children in place of the victim on the witness stand. And the accused? No facial expression will do. If he appears relaxed the jury will think he’s making light of the whole thing. If he appears nervous, then he’s scared. Angry? A monster, but no matter, in the jury room he is guilty!

    The Butcher Shop is following just such a case. In a series of articles by many authors we will lay out just how the state will “make a pedophile.” His guilt or innocence will hang in the balance. What we will examine is the court proceedings, police and yes, the evidence and witnesses.

    We at the Butcher Shop do not all agree on this case. We range from guilty to not guilty to somewhere in between, but we have an uncanny way of getting at the truth. The truth beyond tampered evidence, theatrical prosecutors of claims of innocence. And the truth will set you free!

    The Butcher Shop
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