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    Trinity Student Council Votes Chick-Fil-A Off Campus –

    In another example of the stranglehold leftists have on college campuses, the Student Council at San Antonio’s Trinity University voted to remove the Chick-Fil-A restaurant from their school because it is “not inclusive.” The Trinity Student Council, according to the leftist weekly publication The San Antonio Current, is following the example of the SA City Council who terminated the Chick-Fil-A contract at the SA Airport for the same reason.

    The alleged “lack of inclusion” is a criticism of the Chick-Fil-A owners who are Christians and who believe in traditional marriage. However, the restaurant hires and serves anyone and everyone without discrimination. This action by the Trinity Student Council is religious discrimination because leftist and LGBT activists oppose the owners based on their religious beliefs.

    This action is also an example of leftist minority tyranny. Some students on the TV news expressed opposition to the Chick-Fil-A removal, but the Student Council acted without full consent of all the students.

    Citizens should worry when college student governments act like tyrants in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution. While Trinity is a private college, taxpayers should demand to terminate any public funding it receives for their violation of the 1st Amendment.

    Tolerance runs in one direction for leftists on college campuses. Recently, a group of leftists at Texas State in San Marcos created a confrontation with police when they attacked a student wearing a MAGA hat. Now the Texas State Student Council wants to ban that police from the campus for inciting violence.

    Leftists on college campuses must be challenged and stopped, or taxpayers should stop funding for student loans, research grants, and radical teachings. Schools that don’t honor the Constitution should not receive public money.
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    1. Passengers of airports and the students on colleges and universities need restaurants on Sundays.
      If businesses are cut out over religion, easy suit.