Nobody “Likes” Abortion!


    From A Thinking Liberal

    Dear “Pro Life” Person:

    Don’t like abortion? Me neither. That makes both of us members of a club that literally everyone is in.

    Nobody likes abortion. It’s not a good time. Nobody who isn’t pregnant wishes they were so they could have an abortion.

    I hear you want to eliminate abortion completely. Me too! See how much we have in common? Difference is you want to ban it, and I want to prevent it. Neither method will eliminate all abortion, but your method will harm women, kill women, and take their autonomy away, while my method will educate women (and men), provide unlimited free access to contraception of all types, reproductive healthcare, and sometimes abortions because sometimes you need an abortion. I won’t get into why, because the why isn’t for me and you to decide.

    You know what the other cool thing about my method is? It works. In places where Planned Parenthood exists (you know, the thing you want to defund), abortions decrease. Sexual education and access to contraception prevents abortions.

    So how about we work together to reduce abortion the right way, by empowering women, not enslaving them.

    The Butcher Shop
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