A Foolish Act

    by Chappy Gypsy


    The problem is, we as a society have become superficial, If it feels good do it, do it and it’s always someone else’s fault. Throughout the article, I see nothing but excuses being made for this feel good society and nothing about responsibility. Years ago, in a time we grew up in, a sexual encounter with the opposite sex was kept under raps, now these ladies brag about it worse then men. At some point, there has to be accountability for their actions. If we allow and accept the premise that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell others not to kill one another? Think about it…

    98% of all abortions are performed as a matter of convenience and have nothing to do with being raped, or the mothers life. It’s a selfish act to make up for a foolish act. Most abortions are performed because it would interfere in that persons personal life, whether it be a career, or financial, or some other excuse and has little to do with that person’s health. The sad part is, if we were talking about a puppy, these same people would be up in arms and talking about animal cruelty.

    Well mankind is turning into the cruelest animal on the planet, so cruel that they now think it’s a right to kill their own children and in some states it has even spread to killing the elderly….Here’s the deal, there are too many ways available to keep from getting pregnant. Starting with a condom, birth control pills, morning after pills and many more, are you telling me that you didn’t take precautions and use the available protection on the market, and waited until there was a detectable heart beat then decide to abort the baby? With all the things available to you, you were too lazy to use the precautions, and now that there is life growing inside you, you feel it’s your right, because it’s your body, to kill that life growing inside of you?

    That life growing inside of you is a body as well, what right does that baby have? Once that body starts developing, it’s no longer just your body. Deciding to kill that life inside of you is nothing more than pure evil selfishness. Think about that! Again, 98% of all abortions are performed as a matter of convenience and have nothing to do with being raped, or the mothers life. It’s a selfish act to make up for a foolish act.

    Here’s another way to think about this…In 38 U.S. states it is a double homicide to murder a woman AND her unborn baby. Regardless if she is in the first, second, or third trimester. Is anyone able to explain to me how this unborn child is any different biologically than an unborn child being carried into an abortion clinic by her mother?

    Even if the mother survives and the baby dies, you’re charged with a homicide. How is it in one scenario, this child is considered an unborn baby, a life, and in the other it is just a fetus? There can not be a double standard, it’s either considered a life or it isn’t. Since it has already been determined that life does indeed begin at conception, then we can reasonably discern, that it’s murder in both cases, we can’t have it both ways under the law. It either is or isn’t.

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