Selfish Decisions – Thoughtless Choices

    by Brother Theo


    Selfish Decisions
    Thoughtless Choices

    I would like to begin by saying that I have chosen my own fate, while many unfortunates, the aborted among them, did not. It only stands to reason that abortion both exemplifies and removes choice in the matter of life. In the matter of killing humans, whether it be through the decision of a judge in a death penalty case, war, reckless driving, etc., it is a choice that precedes death. The judge, the soldier, the selfish driver, all make choices that result in death. This does not, however mean that we humans will stop killing one another; it simply means that there is a decision that is made that spells death for someone.

    I recently read an opinion that abortion was a selfish decision made in response to a thoughtless choice. Since I believe that abortion begins with thoughtless choice, I have to agree that that removing a growing human from his or her presumable point of entry into the world, I would like to add my own thoughts on this aspect of the matter.

    Let us begin with the choice a man or a boy makes when he puts his penis into a woman or a girl’s vagina without a condom; is that a selfish choice? If he isn’t expecting a baby to arrive, or doesn’t care, then, yeah, that’s selfish regardless of what the woman or girl says about it. How about parents who forbid sex education or birth control, preferring (and hoping for) abstinence in their children? I’d have to sat that is both stupid and selfish.

    In truth, sex itself is a selfish act. Anyone who probes their reflective self to any degree whatever has to admit that their motives for sex arise out of purely selfish causes. Men rarely refer to women as such, preferring the umbrella terms that are slang for that part of a woman that is the main reason for a relationship. It is what our POTUS likes to grab them by, and my experience tells me that his thoughts do not stray far from those of his fellow men.

    I find that those opposed entirely to abortion think exactly like those persons who are tireless enemies of the second amendment. Gun control advocates, the fundamentalists at least, want every last gun removed from civilian hands. Constitutional rights be damned, they try every work around to my right to own a gun, picking the legal arguments to death in order to support their selfish cause; or is it me who is selfish for wanting a gun?

    The simple truth is that men are on top, and women are on the bottom; men are bigger and stronger, and more economically powerful than women, meaning that women often have little to say in the way of demurring. Most of the new abortion laws would require more than saying no to qualify them for a legal abortion. Nonetheless, the states that went to war with America, bent on the destruction of our nation, have long been the mortal enemies of any abortion for any reason.

    While there is no specific amendment guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose whether or not to remain pregnant, there is plenty of language in the constitution forbidding the government to make laws against it, and the partition between church and state make this entire argument that is based on religious motives illegal. In my opinion, those of us inclined to barge into a woman’s private affairs, making her body a slave of the state are the thoughtless and selfish ones.

    What happens to that unwanted baby? Where are the laws that provide for their very existence after birth? Hey, don’t ask them at Chic Fil A, those cats are busy killing chickens, and don’t have time for nonsense.

    If we want to find an answer to the prevention of abortion, we will need to proceed in a thoughtful manner, and with unselfish intentions.

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