MAGA And The Health Care Crisis

    by Chappy Gypsy


    For years I’ve been saying there is a big difference between the Democrats of old and the young socialist democrats of today. While you may have had a few idiots take advantage of you for being a Democrat, it is outweighed by the daily occurrences of these young people who go stark raving mad at the sight of a Trump hat.

    Now let me address one more issue. You say there are 4 million people who don’t have insurance. 4 million out of a population of 327 million, that’s 0.122 percent of the population, not 1 percent but 0.122 percent of the population. Most of these people before Obamacare, while they didn’t have health care, did in fact have better care than most people in other countries. You see our emergency rooms were crowded with these people every day and twice as many on the weekend. Before Obamacare, these emergency rooms could not turn these people away. After Obamacare, there are places I can’t even go now and I have insurance. While I understand we had a problem. we were in better shape medical wise before everyone was mandated insurance. After the mandate, my Premiums went up, my deductibles sky rocketed, and my out of pocket expenses sky rocketed. Before Obamacare, my prescriptions were all paid for, after Obamacare, the insurance company doesn’t even want to talk about coverage of certain medications.

    So we were mandated to have this government insurance as a whole, when less than 1% of 1% of the people had no insurance. Yeah some of us are pissed at the Obama years, damn right we are.

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