National Popular Vote

    by I Bleed Orange


    National Popular Vote

    Here we go again folks. Not only do we have Illegal Immigration, Sanctuary Cities, Criminals walking the streets and Public Officials ignoring the laws that have been drafted and passed by our elected officials we now have cities and states with the largest populations pushing for a National Popular Vote (NPV).

    This policy sounds good on paper, but in my opinion enables approximately one third of the country to control the election of the President Of The United States (POTUS).

    Democrats are still under the illusion that Hillary Clinton is our elected POTUS. Can you imagine how our country would be today if this was so? I believe that the unemployment rate would be over 40%, Our borders would be completely open, Crime would be rampant and Taxes would be above 50% to support free Health Care, Free Food and Free Housing. We would no longer have a Middle Class. Everyone would be Affluent or Poor.

    UNITED STATES – NOVEMBER 16: Al Capone on the day of his release from jail, Chicago, 1939. He moved to Palm Island, Florida, never to take over his old crime organization, and died of pneumonia in 1947. (Photo by Chicago Sun-Times/Chicago Daily News collection/Chicago History Museum/Getty Images)

    Those trying to get the NPV are afraid to try to change the Electoral College by amending the Constitution because the numbers are not high enough.

    If any change was made, I think that once the votes are tallied, each state should be given one vote according to the vote tally of the state. Forget the fact that lower population states have a few votes and the higher population states have many. 270 is the magic number and some of the states have under 10. Some of the larger population states even split the votes.

    I have always supported Our Elected Officials (even if I didn’t vote for the winner) and try to follow the laws.

    We in America have better things to do than to complain about how things are without doing anything to try to repair the problem. I admit that the Electoral College is not perfect but it’s what we have and we have procedures in place to change policies and laws to better protect and support our Citizens.

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